Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Mess in Progress

You know how deep down you realize that
things have to get messy first
before they "get good"?

Well, I am struggling to hold on to that thought.

Finally the door has been installed....
we have been watching the weather closely as little flakes start to fall around us.

There was a surprise with the door design that we are now going to have to figure out
but I think we have... I will save that for another post.

Oh yah, it is a mess.... everything all over the place
that is part of the process...right?

So, chimney gone..... check.
Old door gone....check.
New stairs off back to match the front....check.
Close in the underside of deck with sliding barn style doors to hide storage..... next up.
Finding new location for bbq.... figuring that out.

Yep... a real mess.....

And, on the other side of these doors is a whole new reality.
Crazy how replacing a single door with double doors
changes your "optimal" floor plan for furnishings.

But it does.

Once the front windows are replaced next week
I will get started on that.
Stay tuned. 


  1. I really love the doors! It will give you a lot of light. xoxo

  2. Those doors are gorgeous. I hear you though...we are currently painting our large amount of kitchen cabinets and are about half way through! I had anxiety last night! But this morning is better. Laundry room and hallway are done. After the kitchen we have both bathrooms. I am looking forward to the calm this Pacific Grey will give to our Christmas. If only we could stop a d have tea together and look forward to the finish. xxo

  3. Wow. I do love those doors! And I like how you re-did the steps on the left. It looks amazing and I'm sure the 'construction' inside will be wonderful when finished. I like the idea of a sliding door for the storage under deck. Something to consider for us when we enclose ours. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see everything else.

  4. Omigosh FABULOUS DOORS! I love that look. Great choice!

  5. Beautiful doors..What make/Brand are they? Thanks, Patty/NS

  6. Ooooo - nice doors! I'm truly impressed with the design changes you have done.

  7. The doors are beautiful... And they mean redecorating? That's actually great, isn't it? Come on, you're going to enjoy the process!

  8. love the black doors.....super cool deck!!!!

  9. Btw, I've been back and read all the posts I've missed but there's no need for you to comment on my comments. I just wanted to say sorry that I've not been around. Everything is fine here, I've just been a lazy blogger and focusing on other stuff. x

  10. The black doors are beautiful! How fun to be changing up doors and windows it really must be exciting. And yes, I get that whole messy before the good part. Funny how home decorating and Life both offer lessons in embracing the messiness as part of the process. I keep wanting to tell God 'ok, Lord, I get it. Can we move on now?" But those lessons keep coming hahaha


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