Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Office Window

Well, not quite ready to show you the whole room....
actually the room is not ready to show you its whole space?
You know what I mean...I am not there yet.

I posted this on Instagram today... just had to share part of my new happiness.

I want you to see this lovely new window that now provides my view when I work from home.
The old window was a foot shorter....a good foot shorter....which meant sitting at my desk I saw nothing really unless I looked up...sorta.

Yep, I am in love.
Now to get some bulbs planted in that urn.


  1. Ahhh yes....enjoy the view, my friend!

  2. The picture's not coming up but I clicked on your instagram pictures and I agree, what a great view, what a lovely place to sit and work and I love those lamps !

  3. Such a great view, enjoy! Patty/NS

  4. I see you settled on a desk and not the wooden one! I don't know how you'll get any work done with that wonderful view; I can imagine it through the seasons.

  5. What a great workspace! You may not get much work done with that beautiful view. You should have a bird feeder outside the window to entertain you. A larger window makes a huge difference. Enjoy!

  6. Fab view and I love your desk lamps!


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