Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Decorating Outdoors

I don't usually write a post two days after another but...
it's that Christmas thing
and it is that "new door" thing.

And, although
I am saying
that I have finished the entry door decorations,
one never knows.
I have a tendency to adjust over and over again.

I cannot explain in words
how excited I am to have what feels like a real "front door"....
even though it is on the side of our house,
it is our entry door.

Decorating the entry to our home for Christmas is just such a joy this year....
Yah, I think you probably get that
but for once I feel like these urns really have a place.

I started with the branches as you see below.
I like to add a lot of dogwood followed by sumac branches which provide another hit of red.

And of course, more is usually more in this type of decorating.

Now, hmmmm.....do I or don't I add fairy lights??
Still debating on that one.
I will have to save that decision for later in the week.


  1. Those doors are so inviting! and I love how you have decorated this area of your home. First Impressions for sure!! I am one who adjusts and moves this and then moves it back,,,and then tweaks it again....jeessh and nobody can tell the difference anyways!! Glad you are loving those new doors!

  2. I do love those new doors Donna. And your urns look gorgeous. I think I'd add the fairy lights to them to brighten up the front door for the winter. They'd look very pretty with snow on them. :)

  3. Love the evergreens with the sumac ... and the little shake of snow falling in the last photo is perfection. What a gorgeous front door to decorate around.

  4. Love your bew doors. Fairy lights are enchanting but the cords always bother me. Maybe add them for Christmas week!

  5. Fairy lights are a given...always go for fairy lights.

  6. Your entry door is divine. With or without light will be perfect!!
    That last picture with snow falling is so beatutiful !!

  7. The doors are certainly doing it for me! Love your urns, getting urn envy. Enjoy. Patty

  8. it all looks divine, i'm quite the envious one.

    Jean x

  9. Just caught up with your blog! You have snow -- gorgeous. Your new front doors are wonderful. We got new double front doors last year, and it changed my life! (Cue the angels singing...)

  10. I love fairy lights and those urns look so right with the double door. BUt really, the best thing is the snow... it makes it look so Christmas-y... I ordered some to the sky, but all I get is rain... So hard to get exactly what I order ;)

  11. I love the urns as they are but fairy lights always come into their own at night and are so welcoming to visitors, so I'd go for them !
    If Magali gets snow, I'll be getting some too as she's just over the mini pond. At the moment we're sharing the rain !

  12. I love fairy light, so you're asking a very biased person about them! ;P

  13. The lights and urns look great! Love your reading nook area, so cozy. I think I may have the same table, though your's is certainly looking better than the layers of dust and dirt on mine : ). Patty

  14. They look so good with your lovely new doors!


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