Sunday, November 23, 2014

Natural Decorating

Okay, just a peek....
today is my day to get some outdoor decorating completed.

As in past years I am using
a lot of dogwood branches
and pine and spruce boughs.

Jack is my look out and my partner when we raid my secret dogwood patch.
It takes a bit of work to get this all organized.
And in this case,
more is more.

I will be heading back out for more branches
and more boughs today.
By tomorrow I will have either added Christmas balls to this urn
white fairy lights

You'll see.
Have you decorated outdoors yet??


  1. So beautiful, Donna. I love your chairs! xoxo No, I have not decorated yet, but maybe I will do it before Thanksgiving on Thursday.

  2. Your urn is looking beautiful already, Donna. I love using natural greenery and dogwood outside in my pots and have them all done. I found a birch tree branch as well for the milk can and added that. It's fun to root around in the ditches looking for stuff for them. I'm all decorated inside too, except for the tree. I'll need help with that this year or I may put up a smaller tree for a change. Have a great week!

  3. It is so elegant to me. I always like the look of black outdoors with the natural touches for decor. Just beautiful!!! Happy Thanksgiving. xxo

  4. Nature is perfect! and doesn't even have to try at all!! Love it! I don't do much decorating outside, just hang up some wreaths. Got a few things done inside this week end, simple is my theme this year.

  5. That dog is mammoth! It's like a polar bear for your Christmas decor. LOL The weather turned balmy here today and I took advantage of the warmth to work on the front porch. If I'm lucky the weather will hold for tomorrow and I'll have it done.

  6. Your display looks great next to your amazing new door... But I agree with the above comment: your dog looks liek he was made for the Christmas decor!

  7. Not yet ! I'll start the decorating in December, as we don't have thanksgiving. I love the look of the dogwood in the urn. I've been thinking of hanging some lights outside myself, on an olive tree that I have by the front door.

  8. Lovely picture of Jack and your urns, they look great. Patty/NS

  9. Nature is my favorite way to decorate!!! I LUV IT and I LUV Jack

  10. Hola'.tienes un blog precioso,yo vivo en la montaña y me encanta la decoracion rustica,me hago seguidora de ru blog y te dejo la direccion del mio por si te apetece seguirme.

  11. I have not decorated outdoor yet because our house is still a construction zone. Still! I'll just have to enjoy your pretty decor.

  12. Looks great, I love that you decorate outside, not something we really do in Ireland.


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