Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Decorating Take 1

Well, I have started,
but taking my time.
Made the mistake of trying to bake while decorating...
hmmm... often leads to too much tasting and less decorating.

I have slowly pulled out my old favourites.

For me, decorating at Christmas is all about collections.
Collections of favourite objects that have come in to our home over the years
by our children or by us.

Either way, they are objects that bring about a smile
or light a twinkle
in the eye of a family member.

This week I thought I would share with you a little bit of my decorating every day.
Starting with our reading corner.

Just a taste of what we are displaying for the holiday season...
See you tomorrow in our dining room.

OH....and an update to the front door urns.... given that it is now dark by 4 p.m., well,
the fairy lights got placed in the urns finally.
They are definitely making me smile and I am training my eye away from the electric cords...
Oh, winter in Québec. :)



  1. Donna, I love the way you decorated the urns with greens and branches and all the touches of nature around the home.

  2. I like the lights in the urns. Is your snow all gone? Ours melted a lot the past 2 days. Our deck is mostly bare again. It's nice getting out the Christmas decorations and remembering where they might have come from. Enjoy!

  3. Your urns look beautiful, Donna! I agree with you about the decor that brings a twinkle to the eye of our family members. So many times I've tried to change my traditional Christmas decor for the new or trendy, but my kids let me know that they aren't happy about it, and so back it goes to what I've used for years. That's where the memories & twinkle in the eye lie.

  4. I had to smile because the only decor I have out is pinecones in bowls, antlers, and both white trees are up without ornaments. I have seashells and driftwood scattered too, oh and a small fresh noble fir in a bucket on the front porch with a huge grey coastal lantern. I like it this way...simple. My bowl of pinecones are near the leather chair just like yours.

  5. Your urns are magazine worthy! I love them. Hopefully I'll be able to decorate some outside by December 10th *fingers crossed*….

  6. You are just the inspiration I needed to get something put in my urn today! I seem to be very slow at Christmas decorating this year. It's nice that you focus on things inside that are special to your family. One of the favourite things here each year is a bowl of family Christmas photos in the family room. It gets people talking and reminiscing about happy times.

  7. I like the idea of fairy lights in your urn. It's dark by 5 pm here in December (something I hate)... I've considered fairy lights outside and then tought it wasn't worth the expense until I change the rotten door and ugly patio!

  8. I love that little wooden table and I can't see any fairy light wires, because I'm admiring the beautifully dressed urns !


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