Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Decorating Take 3

So, little touches here and there for a rather random Friday post....

My daughter's bedroom got a little touch of Christmas.
I never like to go overboard in the bedrooms....don't really know why other than the fact that
I find bedrooms are so personal to the person they belong to?

This is my daughter's room and she will be returning home soon
from university for the holidays,
Everything in her space will be familiar to her other than...the addition of new pillows and a new headboard cover.

Her favourite duvet from her teenage years has finally ripped in a couple of places so
I decided to re-purpose the material.
It is such a lovely Indian cotton with a beautiful print that I could not simply throw it out.

I think it is a perfect fit for her and her personality....
has a bit of a bo-ho feel to it.
And yes, she LOVES blue.

And, I finally got my office slash guest bedroom dealt with.
Still things to do but I am more or less happy with the outcome.
Quite a contrast to the room across the hall. :)

I made a duvet cover with a matching pillow.
Very simple area as it is located at the other end of the room from my office space.

I pulled together pieces that we already had in the house...
re-sized an old queen-sized headboard to fit this double bed,
pulled out an antique mirror that I was given by my grandmother many years ago
and set up some of my milk glass collection.

And, finally, my last little bit of randomness....
and something that I will be sharing with you in more detail...
ice candles.
We have our annual Christmas party this weekend so I plan on lighting the stairs with these very easy but very pretty ice candles.

I will share the "how-to" for these lovelies on Sunday.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Donna your daughters room reminds me of Germany...Must be the bedding and the wood plank wall....LOVE IT

  2. Oh I know she will love it! Who wouldn't ! Awesome!

  3. Your daughter's bedroom is really lovely and it's so nice that you re-purposed her duvet for her to continue to enjoy. The guest room looks really cozy and comfortable too. I hope you have a great party and I'm sure those ice candles will be beautiful lighting up your steps and deck area. Enjoy!

  4. So pretty. xoxo I was thinking boho too! I love the guest room as well.

  5. Boho is perfect, it looks so comfy and pretty. Love your Grandmother's mirror and and soft colour for guests. Perfect fire and ice drama for a party! Patty

  6. LOVE your daughter's room….the wood, headboard and bedding make it so cozy. I can't wait for my daughter to come home!!! Only five more days and she'll be home for Christmas!


  7. It's nice that you could salvage the fabric from her favourite duvet and repurpose it. She's going to love that new headboard! Looks like your guests will be cozy in their space, too.

  8. I love the cosy atmosphere in your daughter's room. The headboard is lovely and I'm sure she's going to be thrilled that her duvet was reused.

  9. Your daughter's blue bedroom is beautiful. What a nice surprise that will be that you have turned her cover into a headboard, what a lovely way to preserve that memory.


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