Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Decorating Take Two

 I am sharing bits and pieces of our Christmas decorating this week.
The tree will not be going up until the end of next week.
We always decorate it as a family with a special evening of hors d'oeuvres
so that means a slight delay this year with our daughter at university.

In the meanwhile, I have been creating little vignettes around our home.

Our house is fairly open so decorating one "room"
really has a big impact on the whole space.
For that reason, I tend to go "simple" and with a less is more approach.

Strangely enough I also recognized this year
that we don't have that much Christmas paraphernalia.
We have usually gone with touches of the outdoors indoors.

I have, however,  been slowly collecting vintage ornaments from flea markets.
So, our new ornament tree,
although slightly sparse in its first year
will hopefully grow for future Christmases. 

We do already have a collection of Christmas tree ornaments that have been collected every year
as part of an annual tradition by our children...

They have always selected an ornament during the Christmas holidays to be displayed on the tree in the following year.

That has been a fun tradition, even in those years when I realized that my sons love of Sponge Bob meant the ornamental plastic representation of that cartoon character
was going to be hanging on our tree every year for a very long time...
that those years when very big, heavy, shiny ornaments were the big attraction to our daughter,
we would be searching for ways to display and support those treasures in the boughs of the many differently shaped Christmas trees.

The creation of little vignettes around the house
is what makes me love decorating at this time of the year.

as well as the idea that every area is beckoning a touch of Christmas...
even the pantry.
I love having this "Santa Skirt"displayed during the month of December.
It is a heavy red velvet which really makes it feel rather luxurious in this small functional space,

I promise I will share the kitchen and the dining room in the next few days.
Still baking a bit every day as well,
but if you did not see these little delicacies, then check them out.... Yummy, just click and go.

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  1. Love your little Christmas touches, so pretty and elegant, and that moss reindeer is adorable.

  2. That Santa skirt in your

  3. I am still in love with that Santa skirt! It's so pretty and festive and I love the polka dot pillow in the background. xoxo

  4. So pretty, Donna! I really love your ornament tree! Of course, that Santa skirt is genius too!

  5. How lovely! You are inspiring me with the branches and the ornaments...

  6. It looks so pretty. I especially love your twigs with the vintage ornaments. Did you spray the twigs first (or buy them that way) or are they naturally whiteish? I agree the velvet curtain in the pantry looks grand (and so aptly named). We have the same tradition of decorating the tree and eating nibblies for dinner and we are waiting until the kids get home from university too - can't wait!

    1. I did spray paint the branches. I didn't get too uptight about 100% coverage as I like the effect of it being a bit more sparse and not so "perfect". Well, that is my story and I am stickin' to it. :)

  7. I just love your home! the branches are perfect and add a bit of whimsy. I like how the santa skirt puddles on the floor as well. I think I will be clickin on that recipe for those yummy looking chocolate bars. I am almost done decorating at our place and was even able to help my son and daughter in law get their house done up. Have a great week end!

  8. Wooow, so pretty Donna. I love your reindeer and Santa skirt, so gorgeous!!

  9. Bringing nature indoors is perfect for your home. It all looks festive and restful at the same time. You do have a gift for that!

  10. Your ornaments are so pretty, and I love the Santa skirt!

  11. I'm in love with that santa skirt and I'm thnking Cottage would love one made with icy blue velvet... I'll make one next year!

  12. I love your style and the outdoor theme of natural greenery and pinecones. Your vintage ornaments on the white tree branches is gorgeous! Love it!! It is nice that you set aside a special family time to decorate your tree and will wait for your daughter to come home. Have a nice weekend!

  13. I still have a few boxes of the glass ornaments I grew up with. I love them. Your decorating is beautiful.

  14. Love the Santa skirt, what a super idea! That last pic of your new doors decorated with the urns looks straight from one of those lovely Christmas home magazines!


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