Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ice Lanterns

Living in a colder climate really means "making the most of it".
You need to work with the elements
and this is one of those projects that really does add a touch of beauty to a cold night.

Ice lanterns are simple to make
and they last as long as your weather allows.
The process varies according to the results that you want.
The one below was a 24 hour version which resulted in a thinner casing.
This variety provides a more shimmering effect with the candle playing off of the ice crystals.

All you need to do is fill up your balloons with water.
I used helium quality balloons that I picked up at the dollar store.
Set them outside overnight and let them freeze.
Within 24 hours in our climate they are not completely frozen as you can see below.
Basically the balloon peels off and when you turn the ice lantern over there is a hole which drains out the excess water and....voila.... the lantern that you see in the third image.

 I did a few lanterns with the thinner more delicate frame and then others that I left out for 48 hours
resulting in a thicker lantern as you see below.

I had to run these under warm water to make the hole a little larger for my large-sized tea lights.

This is a display that we put up on our front deck for our Christmas party...
they were a big hit.

They certainly add an extra little something on the night of a party.
I will be making more of these this winter and will hold on to these ones for the Christmas holidays.

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  1. I've always wanted to make them - they look so pretty glowing in the snow. We don't have snow right now, but do have the cold temps, but I don't think that would look as pretty. I love the first one especially that is a bit thinner as the light shines threw more.

  2. These are really pretty Donna. I've never seen them made with balloons before. They look so nice on your deck.

  3. They are fantastic looking! Such a great addition to start the Christmas fun. Hmmm... maybe I should make some ice lanterns to kick the trailer's Christmas decor up a notch. Patty

  4. These are so pretty! I would love to line our 300-foot laneway with these on Christmas eve!

  5. Donna, so beautiful and magical! I love the photos and your sweet dog on the porch. xoxo Here in the southwest we people do luminarias: paper bags with sand and votives.

  6. These are great Donna, perfect for a party. I'm now hoping it gets cold enough here for me to make some - I must be mad !

  7. that is magical...and Jack is a BONUS. I love this!!!

  8. Now I wish I lived in a colder part of the world!

  9. How clever and pretty! Your home is a winter wonderland, Donna….so, so pretty!

  10. you are amazingly creative, I just pinned this. not sure how long they would last in sunny Huntington Beach, but I can dream.....:)

  11. OMG I love them.... not sure if it is cold enough here yet..... but will definitely give them a try.


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