Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colour in the Kitchen

So it sounds like I am talking about a big change in our white kitchen....
But here's the thing.

What do you do when you have a very long winter
paired with some very cute and colourful little tin plates.
Oh, and a white kitchen.... that is important.... especially when it has been very white outside for several months now.

Well, you find a place to display them of course.

It is crazy how the desire to have spring arrive early
paired with...
my finding these little plates tucked away on a shelf,
inspired me to get them on the wall.

I still love our white kitchen
in the dead of winter
when the snow is blowing out there
and the temperatures have plummeted....
I find a certain solace in the little hits of colour around our home.

These plates are dear to me because they belonged to a friend that passed away from cancer a few years ago.
I had always loved his little antique collection of tin boxes and plates from China.
Fortunately I was given the opportunity to choose a few of his possessions as keepsakes.

So, they are extra special and it also makes it
feels somewhat spring-like in here today.

The birds have appeared at the feeder in large numbers and the sun is shining
and these little plates are making me smile.

Does a little hit of colour around your home make you happy?


  1. The plates are so beautiful and even more so because of what they mean to you. The color they add is just perfect. I feel the same way as you and we do not have snow. But in the cold of Winter I crave a bit of color too...usually soft sea blues.

  2. I've never seen tiny tin plates like these, they are really beautiful and more importantly have special meaning for you of course. When I see beautiful houses such as yours I think I would love to paint everything white but as we get so much bad weather in Ireland, I know that white would just look grey most of the year. I too need some colour injections about our house.

  3. Love those little plates! I would go mad without my colour! As we live through yet one more blizzard (another foot of snow yesterday) I find myself wearing reds and pinks. I am dying for shots of colour! I do love your kitchen and love the changes in the sink skirt - a fun way to play with colour! I bet your friend is enjoying seeing them on your wall!

  4. Although we've had no snow this year, the weather is so grey in England that I keep adding more and more colour - which makes a bit of a mockery of the name of my blog lol !
    The plates are gorgeous and even more special because they hold a cherished memory. I love the look of the enamel and tin and have two tiny dishes very similar that I've had so long I can't even remember how I came by them. I think I might have bought them in jumble sales.

  5. It's been grey for days here and I definitely need touches of colour! Love how th tin plates adds the perfect sign of spring to your kitchen!

  6. Donna, your charming little tin plates are a lovely addition to your beautiful kitchen. They look perfect on that wall and I'm sure they're a gentle, sweet reminder of your late friend. I noticed the blue and yellow in them work nicely with the blue and white pieces on your counter and the yellow striped pantry skirt. Don't you love it when things all work together like this? Have a lovely weekend, my friend. Hugs, Nancy

  7. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about color. Little bursts of bright colors add such happiness but especially when they're sentimental pieces from a dear friend. I like to think that objects are infused with a special energy when they're passed through death. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend with the antique tin collection but I'm so glad you're bringing his plates out into your lovely kitchen. I feel the warmth from here :) I hope you guys are staying warm, it's even been cold here too. Yesterday the beach was covered in white after a torrent of hail rained down for several minutes. Brrr...says the wimp. Also, loved and appreciated comment on my post. Your wonderful writing ability reminded me about your hubby. How is his writing going? Are you guys on a similar schedule now?

  8. I love the wee pop of color in your white kitchen! And I think I see pretty tea cups in your big jars on the cupboard.... Great idea! I have a white kitchen and love that you can change things up so easily . Hope spring arrives soon! We don't have much snow but I am tired of the drab brown landscape. Take care!

  9. love them on the wall, and it makes it even more special knowing from whom they came from.

  10. What beautiful plates Donna !
    And they DO look spring like -
    I've had enough of the white also - thankfully it's starting to melt - I can see the brick on our walkway now LOL !
    Have a great week ♥

  11. The snow is almost gone here, but it sure was a tough winter. I found myself adding colour to perk things up a little. I'm getting to play catch up with everyone as my computer was down for a bit.


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