Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Andalusia Love

Okay so I am in love....undeniably!!!!
Granada, has stolen my heart for sure.
We toured the Alhambra and were in awe of the detailing in the plasterwork, woodwork, architecture of the palace... breath-taking.

I will share more when I get back.
Our internet connections have been relatively scarce and weak.

Nerja, will be remembered for the fabulous Paella cooked on the beach.
Calamari for starters, ice cold beer and paella!!! Could not have been better.

Oh and sardine cooked on an open pit!!

And, we enjoyed Easter celebrations every night in the streets of Granada,

I am hoping that once I get to Madrid I will have a better connection.
In the meantime, Andalusia has been such a beautiful place to visit.
The drive between Granada and Nerja was so spectacular.
The Spanish people have been so friendly.

Quick impressions? 
First impressions.......

I love seeing children with their families at all times of the day.
Our favourite tapas bar in Granada where we went every night always had children coming in with their parents at 11ish.... happy, smiling, and so beautifully dressed!!

No weight problems in Spain.... or very little anyway.
The Spanish people have style!!!
Everyone is so happy and loving life.

I have many more but I am going to wait until we finish our trip to share more.
We are presently in Alicante, enjoying time with our daughter and then heading off to Madrid.

Until the next time!!


  1. So Nice, Granada is in my list of places to visit one day. Great that you have the opportunity to see there happy day to day.
    Great blog....Cheer

  2. Wow, the Alhambra is stunning! I can only imagine what it looks like in person! I'm glad you're having a wonderful time...enjoy!

  3. What a place! Glad you're having a good time xox

  4. Looks amazing, looking forward to hearing all about it. Was in Malaga last year and loved it! Have a wonderful time!

  5. Looks like a great time. Wonderful series of photos. Warm greetings from another Anglo in Québec. :)

  6. Soak it all in and come home to share it with us!

  7. Wow! I loved seeing your photos and hearing your impressions of the people. I felt like I had a peek of your travels and I can't wait to hear more. Safe travels my friend.

  8. It sounds like you're having a fabulous trip Donna. I'll look forward to seeing more photos and hearing more about your trip later. Take care and enjoy!

  9. It looks so wonderful and sounds amazing. A place full of love.

  10. Donna, amazing photos! Wonderful and enjoy. I never had luck with internet in Europe. It's just as well, enjoy your experiences!

  11. It's such a charming way of life isn't it, to have a siesta in the afternoon then stay up late with all the family visiting cafe's and restaurants, the children are always so well behaved because they're used to it. I've been to Spain loads of times but never made it to the Alhambra, so thank you for sharing the photos and tell us more when you're home.

  12. Great photos, Donna. You really captured the flavor (no pun intended) of Granada. The architecture is fabulous. I can see the Moorish influence in the Alhambra, and the little balconies in the last photo are so charming. Such a different lifestyle from that in the U.S.. I think I would enjoy Spain very much. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. xo

  13. Hi! I'm very happy you have liked my land! At this moment my son is in Madrid in the Prado Museum with his art teacher and his classmates. Waiting for more pictures!




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