Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Company's comin'

This is how it goes down in our home.

Somebody is coming for dinner,
for a visit,
or for some reason or another....
The point is they are coming "chez nous"...
which means
call out the broom, the vacuum, the cleaning agents, you name it,
there is work to be done.

It is a certain type of panic that washes over me.
All those little jobs that I have been meaning to do move to the top of a rather long and daunting list.

I become obsessed with the "must-do list'.
The problem is that the "must-do list" did not officially exist until now...
well, other than a random fleeting idea of some design detail I might want to add or adjust in our home.... but you know,
in the future,
down the road,
on a rainy day.

I lose control of my ability to reason and be logical, it is like there is this whistle blowing in my head and it all has to get done....NOW.

We joke around here about the dinner party clean-up before and after.
The, "why did we bother getting so obsessed about cleaning up as the kitchen is a mess all over again...."

I head to the grocery store and stock up on flowers.

I find myself in the ditch gathering lupins by the armfull. 

I haul out the sewing machine to make a new curtain for the washer and dryer
because my favourite yellow and white version is stained and really not camera-worthy.

And then of course there is always Jack,
he is a big boy and although kind and gentle,
his size can be rather imposing.

Sometimes Jack heads to the kennel which he loves, lots of dogs, free run of a large country property and usually a rather long play date that requires 3 days of sleep to recuperate.

But not this time.
He was typical Jack, intimidating when our guests arrived but
calm and laid back once he felt properly introduced.

So, I am being somewhat mysterious I know.
But, I will remind you of this rather cryptic post in about a year.

Let's just say,
our company was lovely,
creative, interesting and inspirational.

I saw our home through a different perspective.

And now, I am hoping to put away my rain boots
and pull out my flip flops!!


  1. sweeeeeet post, I can relate to it all!!!! Jack can come hang out at my house anytime he wants!!!! PUPPY KISSES

  2. Oh I hear ya' Donna! I'm having a tea party on Tuesday for a friend visiting from Alberta and I just know I'm going to be in a huge panic on Monday to get the baking done and the house cleaned and have everything looking 'just so'. I hope I can relax and enjoy the time with these friends. Why do we put ourselves through all the bother and worry eh? I'm glad your visit was a memorable one. Happy Canada Day to you!

  3. Dear Donna, I hear you too - but what I realy love to say is - your home is so very charming. So many details to look at them - a home created with love and a fantastic taste!
    Happy days

  4. Wow, your roses in that lovely container are spectacular.....I absolutely love it!

    Ok so enough of being cryptic....what's going on????? We have to wait a year????

  5. Yep, I can relate. I turn into a crazy person. On the plus side the whole house can be turned around in a matter of days to look amazing, I sometimes joke we should have visitors once a month! I said joke! Have a great weekend.
    P.S. What's going on??? :)

  6. Can't wait to know more about that "visitor"... Jack looks so sweet!

  7. I stopped by your lovely blog today. Jack is adorable.

  8. That " visitor " wanted to come see me - but I couldn't do it ( sadly ) I can't wait to see your " visitor's"
    results !!!


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