Saturday, June 20, 2015

Here I Go Again

Well, my mother would say that the polite thing to do is to
simply say sorry.

I cannot really explain my absence and perhaps it is not a big deal anyway
but life has this way of twisting and turning and well.... happening.

This is my favourite time of year really.
Everything is coming to life.
It may seem late to some of you but our lilacs just bloomed
and I have been putting them everywhere.

I have been getting up early in the morning
and enjoying the sunshine that streams through the house
giving this wonderful effect enhance by all the green outdoors.

Jack seems to be sleeping more these days....and those legs....oh boy, he is so much bigger than we ever expected.
Sort of like having a teenager around again.

With our kids moving on we are learning to adjust and make decisions about what our future looks like.
The empty nest affair.

So, with that in mind, I am changing jobs.
An opportunity has come my way and I am going to be spreading my wings.
It is a bit of a risk but I figure the clock is ticking and the time to take risks is now.

 I realize that I am going to treasure these dinners with our children when they happen
since they are fewer and far between.
Actually enjoy having a mess to clean up after a dinner with my family.

And I am looking forward to some down time this summer outdoors
and the opportunity to get back here now that things are settling down.

Please excuse the poor quality images but I had posted these via my iPad on my Instagram
and thought it would be nice to share them here too.

I will be back!
Hope you are all ready for a wonderful summer.


  1. Oh, Dear. I am an empty nester, too. As of February. How I would love to have a few messes to clean up. Thankfully this younger one comes to stay often---how I love that. And you have a job career head of you? That will be wonderful if you are looking to fulfill your life or your pocket!

    All the best.

    Jane x

  2. We have missed you Donna! I'm having an unexplained absence myself, life is getting in the way! Best of luck with your new job, hope it turns out to be all you hoped. Jen x

  3. I think your photos are lovely, Donna. The morning light, the evening interior lighting and then the light from the outdoor fire. They all say, "this is a home where love abides." I love this post. The photo of Jack is precious. A new job? Exciting! I pray it goes just as you're hoping it will. I know you'll transitioin into the empty nest as graciously as you do everything else. Thanks for updating us. Hugs, Nancy P.S. I ADORE lilacs. The color, the scent. . . wonderful!

  4. I didn't realize you've been 'gone' for almost 2 months Donna but I did realize you were among the 'missing' in my blogroll lately. So good to see you back again. You've had some big changes in your life and I wish you well in your new job and as an empty nester. Cherish the moments with your kids when they are around. I love the sunlight streaming in this time of year too, especially in the early morning. Lovely. Happy Summer to you! I hope you have lots of enjoyable moments with family. Pam

  5. Great hearing from you, Donna. I think your photos are charming, just like your adorable cottage! I have another year or so left with Shelley at home. I don't think I'll like having an empty nest at all!


  6. Gorgeous pictures and beautiful blog post....Jack is killing me !!!! I want to smooch him and tickle his leg hanging down!!!!! xoxoxox

  7. Hey you !
    Can't wait to hear about your new adventure Donna ( I know about one of them that's showing up at your door on Monday with cameras !!! )
    Nice to see you back :)

  8. No need to apologise, life should always come before blogging, but it's nice to see a post from you with pictures of your beautiful home.
    I'm loving my garden coming to life as well, I look forward to seeing new growth every day and sunlight is the best tonic of all.
    Good luck with the new job, I imagine it's a pretty exciting prospect having something new to look forward to.

  9. So glad you're back! Love the picture of your living room with the light pouring through the French windows.

  10. I'm excited too! and looking forward to your new adventure.


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