Sunday, August 30, 2015

Instagram meet Blogger

Okay, so is this sort of like cheating?

Or is it maybe more like mixing friends?

I have the sweetest niece on the planet and she has always had this interesting need to keep particular aspects of her life in different "compartments".....
One group of friends which signifies one part of her life cannot mix with those from another segment of her world.

Yep, I am the person that invites a lot of different people to the same dinner party with the hope
that they will all get along....
Mixing people is not always easy.
Usually after one dinner party with new guests invited you start to sort out the best mix. have to keep it interesting and you have to keep trying.

Maybe I should be following her rules and keep Instagram in a totally different "zone".
But, I just had to share some of the pics I have been posting there
that are integral to my summer wrap-up mood.

Oh and not all of this is on my Instagram account.
It just seems that I am loving the ease of posting on Instagram these days
and the quick access to great images from the people that I follow.

As of late, I usually get up early, grab a coffee and sit out here in the early morning light and
tap into Instagram before settling into work.

 So, here are a few random shots....

Lobster rolls from the Panache Mobile on Ïle d'Orléans....
Trufle mayonaise with the fries of course and a healthy dose of avacado to top off the lobster roll.

Québec city is a great town for walking your dog
and it always seems that local restaurants understand the need to consider 4 legged friends.

Still need to deal with the collections from the sea...

But, sweet summer is certainly feeling like it is winding down...
and I cannot complain.
2015 has been a great summer for us!

I am starting to turn my sights indoors to possible projects.
There is one particular change that I want to make in our kitchen.
Style at Home- click image to go to site

I am on the hunt for directors chairs for our kitchen island.
We spend a great deal of time at the island
during the fall and winter months.
It ends up being the best spot for a cocktail dînatoire.
And for us
that becomes the best dining option after a day of skiing or snowshoeing.

welcome September.
Cannot wait to see what you have in store!!

See you back here or on Instagram!!



  1. I am now following you on Instagram! Both my daughters compartmentalize their friends. I'm more like you!

  2. I follow you here and on IG. I mix the two also. I actually often share on my blog posts to visit me on IG for daily posts. I have now been on IG for a year and have really enjoyed the community there. I like the beauty of blog posts and the creative process they involve but the friends I have made on Instagram have been just what I needed. For three years I have been enduring a blog bully. Thankfully she is not active on IG. So that is also why you will find me on IG more these days. I am happy I can follow you here and there.

  3. Oh I wish I was on Instagram. I just don't have the time for it though. I know I'd be on it as much as Facebook! LOL I love your summer photos and your beach collections. All lovely and wonderful times and memories for you. I hope you keep posting here though as I miss your photos and decorating ideas. Happy September!

  4. Great photos, Donna. That lobster roll looks amazing and I love the sea glass. Soo pretty. I think director's chairs would look fabulous with your kitchen island. I'm on Instagram, but haven't used it much. I guess I should. xo ~ Nancy

  5. I haven't tried Instagram yet, so I really appreciated you reposting some of the pictures here. Have a great Spetember!

  6. I haven't done Instagram yet, but one of my daughters does it exclusively. I'd better get on board!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Donna. I tried a lobster roll in Boston at a popular spot before leaving for Europe this year, but I didn't like it. Too many years away from the sea... I only eat salmon. Hardly adventurous... I guess that's what hot weather does... xoxo Su


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