Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Musings

So, I do understand that summer is not yet over....
even though a visit to Costco yesterday
had me lose my grip on the shopping cart.

Christmas trees were mingling with Halloween costumes which were concealing the kayaks.
Snack-size candy bars for trick or treaters were sharing shelf space 
with gold and silver ornaments 
that were only one aisle away from the remaining BBQ tools, 
flotation devices
and outdoor tables and chairs. 

Early July on the edge of Georgian Bay

It had me all "confussed" and frustrated.
I mean seriously...what is that all about??

Ignoring that merchandising nightmare,
I always have this sense of August as being a time to review our efforts to enjoy the wonders of summer and consider what still needs to be lived, tasted and experienced.

Alfresco dining in a beautiful backyard in Thornbury on the edge of Georgian Bay

August also brings on a tiny sense of panic 
as I see the maple tree on our neighbour's property 
starting to show hints of red....
That tree would be in serious trouble if it lived here.

Summer Rental in Tadoussac

But then I gather up my thoughts about where we have been,
the people we were with
and the fun times we had.

The summer began with family on Georgian Bay.

Going "home" always provides me with a new sense of balance.
Dinner parties, swimming in the bay and early morning walks with the dogs
quickly become the established routine.

Follow that up with a 3 week stay in beautiful Tadoussac.

Barns in our backyard in Tadoussac and lake just beyond

Ferry crossing to Tadoussac
Mouth of the Saguenay River

And, the best part of all...
the most unique wedding I have ever attended.

Pre-wedding cookout        
Chapel at Port au Persil

Each table set with a different antique place setting.

Individual desserts for the wedding guests served on their table's china setting

And of course the beautiful couple.

So.... what's left to do?
Perhaps a few more trips to ïle d'orléans..... a day with friends at Lac Sergent..... some family bbq's....

Oh, but I have a little surprise for you.
I don't usually mix my business with my blog but....
We were busy working during one of our weeks in Tadoussac and we posted a video trailer of a project that we are going to be providing through our classroom management platform.
The project will be part of our integrated content library.

In the meantime, here is a link.... krispii.com

Enjoy the rest of your summer.


  1. Hi Donna! It's lovely to see your post today and hear of your summer thus far. Love the photos and the wedding, in particular, looks so pretty with the china table settings. Summer is flying by but we're enjoying the best weather right now so I'm not complaining of the heat and humidity one bit. I know what's coming. Enjoy the rest of your summer. xx Pam

  2. I will take a kayak...no Christmas trees please for another three months. No, I really have been wanting a kayak! Every year the stores are filled with Holiday stuff earlier and then by the time the holiday arrives everyone is sick and tired of it all. I actually try to avoid going in the BIG stores so that I do not see or hear Christmas stuff for four months.

    Your Summer has been full of so much fun!!!!! Ours has been so busy that it feels like we did nothing...well at least vacation wise. We have not taken a vacation yet. We like to take them in the Fall. We usually go camping to the coast or the mountains. I hope we still can. Our four children are all young adults and three are still in college. So we have been helping each one move and get settled etc., etc. Some years seem to just go by like that. It makes me miss Summer days like you have spent with your family. AND that wedding...Oh how beautiful. Do the menu's on the plates have whale tales on them? If so, I love that! Enjoy the end of Summer xxo

  3. Oh, I can't believe stores already have Christmas trees out... Way to spoil the end of summer!

  4. Hey There! So glad to see this post. I know you told us you wouldn't be posting for a while, but still I checked each morning to see if you were back!
    Your summer was/is certainly better than mine which has been spent mostly inside due to more "monsoon rains" in northern New Mexico than we've had in years and therefore more weeds and therefore more pollen and therefore more allergies! But, I still love it here and am still glad we moved from southern California to spend our old, old age here.

  5. Happy Summer, Donna! We have tons of summer left down here in Alabama. The wedding looks lovely. Are they family members? Congrats to the bride and groom! It's great hearing from you....I've been missing your posts!

  6. Loved every photo! Such a lovely summer you are having.

  7. You've had a wonderful summer, Donna. It makes me smile to see all these photos. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Love her dress!


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