Thursday, May 26, 2016

Here We Go Again

I remember years ago reading about the importance of a blog post title...
Well, obviously I did not pay much attention
to what I read.
But then again I never did pay much attention to
the rules of blogging.

So, please do excuse me if
yet once again my title is confusing,
but I am in that mood of...
that mood of...
here we go again.

Summer of 2015

You see weather in Canada,
well especially Quebec city,
plays a significant role in dictating
when you do anything in regards to outdoor life.

Summer of 2014

We started off this month with snow falling off and on
and then more recently we have been bathed in beautiful summer-like conditions.

And, of course, I am quick to embrace all that comes with that.
All of a sudden,
it means getting up and throwing open the french doors
to welcome the breeze from both the front and the back of our home.

Windows are opened up to their fullest
and the sound of birds and peepers in the pond
become music to my ears.

Spring 2016

I will try hard not to write in metaphors here,
but I used to always compare the sense of excitement and joy
that washes over me at this time of year...
well, you guessed it,
the butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

But the thing is the cocoon,
whatever is transforming within that cocoon,
possibly a bit of a green yucky-ness ;), not sure...
but it
becomes a butterfly
and then,
that is it.

Spring 2016

But, we keep doing this seasonal transformation
over and over again.

You see,as you consider
the Here We Go AGain
part of all this...

Every season,
you start to wonder how to change your colours,
shake it up a bit,
not repeat the same patterns
make it all more interesting.

Add in a few more element to make life outdoors
more enjoyable
and to really benefit from the warm weather
because you know it is not for long.

here I am pretending like I am doing this all for the first time,
assessing our stock and how to arrange things.

And yet my one thought is
as I attempt to  
do this all over again...
as boring as it feels
 it is....

stick to what works.
So, without further ado I am going to be tweeking 2015...
So here we go again.


  1. Hi Donna! You've been missed. So nice to see your post tonight and know that you are welcoming summer there as we are here. I think I'm doing the same things as you - reassessing the outside furniture/decor and tweaking 2015. I have painted a few things and have a new 'tete-a-tete' to stain yet for the deck. Our weather went from spring to summer very quickly. I love your living room with the doors open and, of course, your beautiful deck and that gorgeous dining table. (I really want hubby to build me one similar to it). Enjoy the summer days while we have them. I hope to see you back here soon. Pam

  2. Donna, I'm glad you're back blogging as spring is back! Here in Brittany, we also live depending on the weather, but it's not snow that keeps us inside, it's rain!

  3. Lovely photos and blog! Greetings from another anglo in Quebec (Montreal)! :)


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