Thursday, September 14, 2017

Start Up

Well, I cannot even attempt to explain my absence from this blog.
As, all I can say is....Start UP.
Those of you know what that means will fully understand 
and those that do not, well, just know that a Start Up means a lot of time, risk and a lot more time.
But, then that is every small business...right?

So, of course my love of design has helped smooth over some of the rough patches.
We have set up a small office for our content team here in Quebec city so that they can get out of their home offices and have some social integrated into their work life.

The Caserne 5, which was an old firehall in the Limoilou neighbourhood is being renovated into a community office space with shared kitchen and lounge areas.

Our office has been slowly taking shape over the past week while the sound of construction continues outside our door.

Yep, we just could not wait.
So, this gives you an idea of what we started with and the layout of the community-style office building.

The goal has been to maintain a budget and go second hand with furnishings.
We have really lucked out on that end.

A yard sale this summer allowed us to buy the showcase piece for our space which is this French
armoire. Great storage!

We kept the space open concept even though they offered to divide it into two rooms.
One end is the working computer end where we will have 4 computer stations.

The middle is a brainstorming area and work station.

As you can see it is already heavily used for book-keeping on this particular day.
And the other end is the end with the "napping couch", although no napping has taken place at this point.
We picked up these chairs on kijiji (craigslist in Québec) for 25$ each.

Slip-covering was our solution for these chairs as reupholstering is not in our present budget.
The two metal stools next to the table were 10$ on kijiji.

The polished cement floors are beautiful and we are still debating the addition of a jute or sisal rug in this area.
Part of me does not want to cover it up and the other part likes the idea of a little "warmth" that it might add.

Our goal is to maintain a bit of old with a bit of new.
So far, it is feeling like a great creative space to work from.
The natural light is amazing!

So, krispii Québec office is coming along.
Let the creative juices flow.


  1. I have missed you!!!! So happy you're posting again. What does your business do? I will click on the link above and find out! ;P

    Ricki Jill

  2. As a former educator and homeschool mom, I am so intrigued! Kudos to you and your team!

    1. Thank you RJ. It has been quite a year and I am loving it.
      This will give you an idea of where I spend most of my time...content development.
      Thanks again. :)

  3. Nice to hear from you again, Donna! It looks like you've got quite a lot to keep you busy. Enjoy! The armoire is beautiful and you're right, will be great for storage.

  4. Hi Gina!!! Thanks for dropping in here. Yes the armoire was a challenge but we LOVE it.

  5. I was happy to see a post of you in my inbox. Congratulations on this huge project...


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