Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Cookie Week - Is This Cheating?

I hope this is not cheating.
I mean really,
some people may think so
but there were no rules handed out for Christmas Cookie Week....
none that I know of at least.

And hey, at this time of year when work conflicts with life
and life tries real hard to conflict with work
and birthday parties are in the air
and planning
and shopping
and all that stuff
makes things too complicated...

you improvise.

And since I have no plans of changing this recipe and I have to wait until my daughter comes home from university before this years batch can be made...
I thought I could just share the recipe
along with photos from a previous year of baking.

Because these cookies are all about kids
and icing
and candied sparkles
and complicated plastic cookie presses
and shakers full of decorating thing-a-ma-ding-ies.

So here is one of our all-time favourites:

Our version of Christmas Shortbread which apparently some might call Sugar Cookies.
And this will be the easiest recipe this week:

Mix together:

Four cups of flour
2 and one half cups of soft butter
1 cup of white sugar

Roll out the dough and use your favourite cookie cutters to create
a variety of designs.

Oh and we cheat again.... I buy the tubes of icing since they make the decorating more fun and much easier. And we buy little containers of sprinkles. Basically anything goes.

But do be sure to add in some Christmas music and make this an afternoon event.


Be sure to check out the recipes that these amazing bakers will have posted today.


  1. Isn't it a rule that shortbread must be decorated by the kids? This has always been my favourite Christmas cookie :)

  2. I don't think this is cheating. In fact I may follow suit and use some old pics on Friday. We'll see... ;)


  3. nothing say Christmas like baking Christmas cookies...with the children

  4. I love sugar/shortbread cookies so these are perfect. Sounds like they make a big batch too. I'll be making shortbread cookies tomorrow - regular ones, craisin shortbreads, mini chocolate chip shortbreads and pink frosting for the plain ones. These are our favourites and I will freeze them and try not to eat them before we might have company. Heheh. I usually make sugar cookies but may not this year. We really don't need to eat them. Really. We don't. :)

  5. Those sound more like shortbread than sugar cookie, I think. It sounds like a super easy recipe though, i will pin this one too! Thanks.

  6. *SO NOT* Cheating...and you get a pass because you used the word thingamdingies! ;P

  7. Not cheating at all! That looks like such a good recipe and they look so fun and bright! Angie xo

  8. Thanks for sharing! My daughter loves cookies and cook them. So thanks a lot

    Marina and Marina Junior

  9. That's is too funny that we use such similar recipes and that our university-age daughters have to make them every year. I already made a batch and will make another when she is home so we can have the annual anal perfectionistic cookie decorating event. The girl is seriously nuts when it comes to decorating them (sprinkle-by-sprinkle). We don't use icing - we just put the sprinkles on the dough before baking. Yours look delicious.

  10. Definitely not cheating, these are so cute.
    We have an Iranian lady at work who is lovely. Today she asked what biscuits she could make out of a packet of pastry !!!
    We have English lessons alongside cooking conversations !


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