Saturday, March 12, 2011

Details in the Kitchen: Part Two

If you have not read Part One of this post then you may want to see where it all starts by clicking on the image below.....

Part Two:
 I have to start Part Two, by telling you that although I was inspired by many of you that have already completed kitchen renovations, I was also heavily inspired by my mother.... who else of course, to make sure that this renovation took on an 'organized' theme.  After years of living in such confusion I was truly looking for something that spoke to the simpler side of life. Nothing too fancy, over the top and out of budget range but something that would last.

remembering that purge is my new mantra you will have to understand that I have really learned to buy less and keep less all at the same time.  Costco does not help obviously for those of you who love that bulk store chain.  I do still go there but I have learned that I really do not need to store all that much food.  It actually makes cooking much more interesting.

So...the Cooking station....

As I mentioned in my previous post, placement of items was a big part of our kitchen design. I figured out what items I need to have handy while working at the stove.

Different types of rice, oatmeal, quinoa, couscous etc.
Utensils, (two top drawers) and cooking utensils in the third drawer.  Still looking for a nice organizer that will work with those.

Right hand side of the stove....

Spice drawer....I love, love this one!!  Ikea once again to the rescue! Spice bottles and the holding tray. 

Herbal, specialty and regular teas along with some coffee beans etc.
My least favourite drawer and something I want to eliminate but right now it is a necessary evil.  Plastic!
We knew we had to have a drawer where we could simply toss in plastic storage containers.  We limited the drawer size so that we would be more organized with the number of containers we needed.
Upper cooking station.....

We needed to ensure that the glassware and mugs were close to the wash-up area. We also decided to keep enough here that we would be using on a daily basis versus enough for entertaining.  I really tried to distinguish between those two aspects of our "kitchen" life.

I love to cook so having this right side of the cooking station available for all these items was really important.  The upper cupboard houses vinegars, oils, and a wide variety of condiments. 
The only thing missing from here was quick access to our knives.  We made a decision based on a concern for safety and visual aesthetics and placed the knife rack around the corner in the pantry.  They are easily accessible and with a cutting board on the counter below the rack it has actually been a good decision for us.  It really turns the pantry into its own work station.
Magnetic knife rack from Ikea....really good deal!
Right around the corner from the cooking station, in the pantry, are knives, measuring spoons, cups and a mixing bowl for easy food preparation.  We have two main cutting boards that we keep out and they too were a real bargain.... from Loblaws at 20$ each.
So, that is the cooking station...more to come in Part Three...I found baskets are a good way to hide the more unsightly necessities of the kitchen!! I will show you what I mean!

Click on the image below to read Part Three......

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  1. Thanks for the tour. I love how you thought through all the details of use and storage before designing your kitchen cupboards.

    I've been thinking about tidying up our spice cabinet so I was interested to see how you stored yours. Did the spice jars themselves come from IKEA. They look like ones I saw on-line from there. I presume you made the labels for them - I love that and want to try it for mine. I was wondering if you have a problem with needing to store extra spices when you buy them because they come in packages bigger than your jar can hold. I know that has been a problem in the past and I'm wondering where to store the extra.

  2. Well I certainly would not have 'exposed' myself this way in our old was a room of shame. :)
    I am constantly amazed at how 'organization' can add a positive note to my day...this is all so new to me!
    I used to throw all my spices into a cupboard and pray that I would find them but you are right the 'extra' is always a problem. I use spices fairly often so there are certain ones that I seem to go through on a regular basis which eliminates the need for extra storage but there are others that I use less often. The only solution I have Grace, is to store them in an extra large freezer bag in my food pantry cupboard. I am going to expose that part of my kitchen in part three.
    The bottles are from Ikea. Strangely enough they count for the more expensive purchase I made in regards to kitchen storage items. I really find it worthwhile and it makes cooking a real pleasure.

  3. Your organized kitchen is fantastic! I really like your butcher block on your cook station. Very pretty! I can't wait to see your basket storage solutions! :D

    Ricki Jill

  4. Thanks Ricki Jill...just so you know, that is not butcher block. I really had to re-purpose as much as possible so I recycled our island counter top and turned that into the counters on either side of the stove. When I made that counter for the island I used pine steps which I glued together.


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