Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pickin' up the spring syrup!

 Before you take a look I have to apologize for the quality of images...
not great..
of course, did not think to bring my camera along as I was too focused on the excitement of finally getting our maple syrup!
So, with that in mind.....
 We were a bit late this year but off we went to pick up our maple syrup..
and there is nothing better than getting it right from the source!!
nothing better than a visit to the farm....
I love it !!
 You can enjoy the scenery
the quaint and the typical ....
 the Québec farm house!
I love the blue....
The sloped tin roof is all about the weather and the amount of snow that gets dumped over the course of the winter....

And of course a rocker out front is fairly essential as well....
and some chairs for guests....freshly painted!
So hard to resist a photo of weathered barn wood...
wishing I had remembered my camera since my iPhone is fairly limited in quality...
Oh, what I could do with this!!
The possibilities are endless....

Taking part in Mosaic Monday at the little red house...
and of course over to Debbiedoos Newbie Party
A tantôt


  1. Lovely pictures of a typical Quebec home.  I love their sloping roofs and verandas.  The barn wood is beautiful.  I hope you enjoy your syrup!  My neighbour gave me a bottle they boiled up and it's yummy!  A favorite spring treat for sure.  I hope you get some sunshine soon too!  Blessings, Pamela 

  2. Farm table Its perfect! It would work inside or out!

  3. These are lovely pictures & I love the pretty! 

  4.  Loving your yellow happy chairs. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  5. Hi!
    Great shots!  Love those rocking chairs,  they look so inviting.  Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  6. Love that weathered wood!  I have some leaning against my garage. 

  7.  I so love the color in Quebec. Finally down here in the 'south' I see more color on houses. 

  8. Wonderful photos!
    Any one of them would make a great painting, too!

  9.  I captured more of that colour in a post on homes in Cap à l'Aigle. I think the colour is a beautiful aspect of the charm of these old wooden homes.


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