Monday, May 9, 2011

The Spring Deck

The spring deck 
in a country with 4 very defined seasons 
can be
quite special...
first of all..
the view in spring is quite particular 
given the lack of vegetation.
From those muskoka chairs you can slowly watch the transition from one season to the next!!

in recognition of a time of year that brings about great change...
here we go...
with springtime on the deck 
 to summer on the deck........
of course my disclaimer is the following:
the springtime images are current
and the summer is remnants of the summer past!
...oh and if you get cold....just click on any image to go inside.......
Pretty bare, plants are not in and no leaves on the trees to hide the deck...
pretty exposed you might say!
Oh, and yes, this is the front of our home.
Yep, there is the road.
We see all the comings and goings....
although our road is a dead-end so traffic is pretty minimal.
 The fire-pit is ready and certainly gets lots of use from the moment the chairs hit the deck floor!
Spring, Summer and Fall....a couple of times on a good sunny ski day as well!!


So, here we go....
transition time....
in summer the deck resembles a tree house!

The side deck is great for reading!
We love ferns since they seem to love us!! 
Sometimes the reading lounge makes its way to the front deck from the side!
Strange how things always get moved around...
isn't it??
So, there you go....
the deck!
Can't wait to see this transition actually take place!

À tantôt
I am linking this metamorphosis up to Between Naps on the Porch


  1. Ah, thanks so much..we think so too!


  2. It's beautiful! All that lush green of summer is so pretty.

  3. I just love your deck - spring and summer! What a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the view. I'm loving your Muskoka chairs and the chaise. We are in a cold, rainy and wet spell yet again. Looking for sunny warm days to come.

  4. thanks Pamela!
    Well, my husband just told me that we are expecting "snow showers" on Saturday,
    whatever that means?
    Oh well, guess I better not get too comfortable on that deck.


  5. thanks gigi! It is so hard to remember that lush green at this time of year so
    this was a good exercise for me!


  6. Pamelamassey5339May 9, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    Beautiful deck!!! I am a new follower. This is the first blog i have found from Quebec!
    I've been finding blogs in almost all our provinces.
    Quebec is a beauitful province spent alot of summers in Montreal!
    Pamela :)


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