Friday, June 24, 2011

Calling all Readers!!

 Countdown begins Monday!!
I am waiting until Monday since it really would be cheating myself out of this long holiday weekend....
if I started now.

As of Monday, I am down to 4 days of work until summer holidays!
Can you tell that I am excited????
So, first up,
possibly catching up on sleep 
but quickly following that.....
will be some serious book reading.
Oh I cannot wait until I am here....

Always the easiest..... out the front door and on to the deck
this is where I start...
with the book ??????
and then I will quickly head here....
Okay, last year when I got here.....
well, I picked up  The Road by Cormack McCarthy...
What was I thinking???
I loved it, read it in 3 days 
but.... really.... not my idea of summer reading.
Hence, the call for help !!
Oh an of course I will need another one for here  .....
So..... I am looking for recommendations ....
your top 3 reads for this summer !!
Got any??

À tantôt


  1. I posted my Summer Reading list on my blog.  You can go to my blog and search it if you want.  I really liked Salting Roses.  It was a fun book!  I also recommend A Discovery of Witches, but it is a bit long.  My third recommendation is The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted.  :D

    Happy Reading!

  2. Great! Okay, I might avoid the longer one since The Road almost did me in last summer. It became a challenge and given the rather depressing nature of the story I was anxious to get to the end.

  3. Oh, what I wouldn't give to curl up on those deck chairs!  Lets see,,,,I have been reading Kate Morton who has written, The Forgotten Garden, THe House at Riverton and The Distant Hours....just on the last one right now.  I also liked The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill.  Have a great vacation and enjoy your down time!!

  4. Great list! I am going to be near an English book store next week and plan to stock up! Thanks for this.

  5. BlueClearSkyElizabethJune 25, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    No great reading list from me, but a co-worker enjoyed the Shania Twain book. Lawrence Hills The Book of Negroes is very popular at our school too (he was a guest speaker.) I also have to say that I have 4 more days of work left too until summer! Yahoo!

  6. Great Elizabeth. Well, I would say that I am most definitely reading, The Book of Negroes, since it has come up at least two times now. So, sold! Thanks!


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