Friday, June 24, 2011

My Favourite Kitchen Spot!!

 Sarah over at Modern Country Style is having a kitchen party!!
oh I do love a kitchen party!!
So, I am joining in..

The thing is..
she wants it to be in our favourite part of the kitchen!
That is a hard one for me but I will give it a good go...
favourite part?
definitely, here.....
I love to cook...
and this cook station is where it all happens...
small I know...
but it is all so practical...
you can see more if you like!!!
click on the image below and off you go....
you will see the terrible kitchen I lived with
for way too long....

À tantôt


  1. It's LOVELY!! It looks like a gorgeous place to cook up a storm. I always think that living with a terrible kitchen is a must for learning to huuuuugely appreciate any nice kitchen that happens to come your way!!

    Thank you so much for coming to my Kitchen Favourites party.


  2. Well, thank you for having the party!! I can not agree more....although I think we lived with our a little toooooooo long!!!

  3. So pretty, especially after that hideous nightmare before! (ONE drawer?)
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's blog party)

  4. Ha! Chookie, well obviously my photos of the before spoke to you.... hideous nightmare!!... love it! Or did I say that, hmmm, have to go back and check! Either way, nightmare gone and love of kitchen has arrived.

  5. I am popping over from Sarah's Kitchen Favourites party to see your kitchen. I love to cook too and am glad you have an area to cook in that you enjoy.

    You can see my kitchen in my Chicago Vintage apartment. Can you stay for tea?

    Glenda (link # 62)

  6. Hi Glenda,
    Well, I certainly will not turn down an offer to tea! Better head over and check you out!


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