Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

 It is Canada Day!
Not sure what we are doing today...
apparently a surprise...
so we will see!
I want to provide you with a glimpse of the Montréal Jazz Festival that
has been taking place in the heart of that city.
I am sooooooo happy to be home.
Loved my time in Montréal but glad to be away from
that downtown vibe after nearly one month of it.....
My hotel was located right off of the
Quartier des Spectacles....
so I had to make a decision early on in the festival...
shut my balcony door since the first video
gives you an idea of what it sounded like from one block distance with my hotel room
door wide open.....
But, in the second video you can see that
no point fighting the noise...
I went down and joined in....
What a great group this was...
Freshly Ground.
I thought I was discovering a new group...
not at all!!
 Bonne Fête Canada!!!!!!!......

À tantôt


  1. That is very noisy for sleeping with the door open :-) I'm glad you are able to be home for the long weekend. Have a great holiday! Pamela

  2. Well, you can certainly understand why I decided one night to join the masses and listen to the music. This South African band was fantastic!

  3. I may be a tad late but Happy Canada Day to you!

  4. Great day, friends, campfire and good times!


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