Thursday, November 10, 2011

Road Trippin' Lamps

As promised, I am sharing my final find
from my road trip...
these beauties were so inexpensive
and although a touch 70's??
Solid brass was big then....I believe....
anyway these are solid and sure heavy but
I love them.
I thought about painting the brass but it is showing up again in a lot of mags that I am going to
wait and see
They will be a major player in another of my Procrastination Be Gone posts......
anyway, a weekend ahead so we will see how far I get on that one!

So, they were just sitting there lonely as could be...
no shades...
looking like this

I found some shades for 10 a piece at Home Sense (on sale)
and then bought some fabric paint to turn them into this...
they are looking a bit like silver in this upper photo....
et voila!
They are going to look fantastic in our bedroom as tall reading lamps!
not bad, eh?
Pretty pleased with my road-trip finds...
yep, not usually that lucky with these kind of finds but
here they all are....

hot cider, hot toddies....just dreaming of the possiblities
and then of course these little sweethearts...
Oh, and I am saving one more thing...
not a flea-market find so
it will have to be a post of its own!!


  1. Those are gorgeous Donna! I didn't know you could paint lampshades. Great idea!

  2. Pam, it is a special paint for fabric that you can pick up at a craft store. The thing is you need to dilute the paint with water. It works quite well though, very fast job. I could not find black shades that I liked.

  3. Your lampshades turned out nice, I never used fabric paint before, but I have 2 shades that need to be painted. I got to check this out...thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now a follower.

  4. What great lamps these are! You can almost see the weight of them from the pictures. I didn't realize you could paint lampshades either.

  5. Beautiful!!



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