Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sapin de Noël

 The Christmas tree is a big part of our family tradition
as with all traditions it has developed over the years.

A few years back our tree looked like this...
looks rather "brown" to me! (what was I thinking!)

but then those were the years of our
Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

Not always preferred by our children,
they didn't even know who Charlie Brown was!

 .... for them the practice of going in to the forest,
 selecting  our  tree 
we were not getting that beautifully sculpted tree...
that they saw in the parking lot at the bottom of our hill.

they were....
somewhat more skinny.....
I would say.... 
(as in this beauty above, skinny and tall?)
decorating them was such a creative endeavor.

We had to select the right spots to overload
and the right place to fill with garland 
(garland that wasn't really garland.... know what I mean?)

 but, oh .... this one.... this was my favourite year!!
Just look at that tree!!....
arms stretched out wide to hold on to that beautiful green garland 
(actually spray painted fine mesh screening strips)
and then last year
this happened....

Yep.... we got in the car and drove down the hill
to the parking lot
and got this one....
Well, the rule around here is 
no official Christmas decorating of any kind
until December 1... (that includes music but excludes baking)
so I have time to think about all of this....
we all have time to think about this!

À tantôt
sharing this over at A bowl full of lemons 
and of course
Motivated Monday at Be Colourful (sorry, in Canada we add a u ...)


  1. This was a fun post, Donna! It is funny to see the different shapes your tree has taken over the years.

  2. LOL We have a skinny artificial tree that looks rather pitiful (daughter and I have asthma so no real trees for us).

    This is a cute post, Donna. I think I like the sparse tree because the decorations show up better on them! (I know I am such a weirdo....)


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  4. Well, you two, I am a nut about Christmas! Gina, I think my own shape has changed with the trees!!
    I agree Ricki Jill, love the sparse trees best but .... as my children get older I guess I will have to see how they swing on this one!

  5. Too funny how different your trees are every year. That skinny one has such personality.

  6. I love all your trees but had to laugh when you said you went down the hill and bought one last year! :) I also use the 'u' in colour and neighbour etc. It's Canadian eh? Blessings, Pamela

  7. Always the dilemma - a Charlie Brown tree or a full one? I wrote about it a bit last year myself. This year we're going back to the one grown at the local Christmas tree farm which will hold our ornaments without drooping to the floor. Last year's post is here, if you want to read it. (I can't believe your kids don't know what a CB tree is - better buy 'em the dvd!)


  8. Your trees are so charming...I almost think it really doesn't matter what they look like as long as your family is together. Our tree is skinny too...my kids definitely had something to say about it at first! Have a good weekend...Ann

  9. Grace and Pamela, my whole family has had a chuckle at the change over the year!
    Nan, you know what, I am an anglo amongst a sea of francophones. Charlie Brown is not part of the french culture and that is mostly what they know having never attended an english school etc.
    But, I will see if I cannot dig up a Charlie Brown Christmas story for them...good idea!

  10. You are too fun and I like it with a U. :) Love the tree. I am an artificial gal. Have been for almost ten years now. I know don't hate me. :) I haven't started decorating yet but that is coming as soon as the Thanksgiving meal is over. Thanks for linking up your humorous post to Motivated Monday at BeColorful.
    Have a great week.


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