Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shortbread Cookies - Decorating Favourite- DITTO in 2012

 I cannot do Christmas baking without
shortbread cookies!
I basically do the shortbread recipe that
we have used forever
and then let my children 
get busy with the
they are good!!!
So, this recipe is what I call an old-fashioned version of the shortbread cookie....
limited ingredients!

Four cups of flour
2 and one half cups of soft butter
1 cup of white sugar

mix well, so that you get a nice consistency for cutting
then pull out your favourite cookie cutters,
cut, bake for 15-20 minutes at 300F
and then decorate away!!

More cookies?? Yep.....Click here for Pecan Melts
À tantôt

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  1. I love shortbread cookies & you have decorated these so beautifully! Yum!

  2. We are leading parallel lives these days. I just made shortbread too and my recipe is almost identical to yours and has been in the family for generations. I'm posting about it on Tuesday. I love how your shortbread are decorated - the ones by the kids are the best aren't they.

  3. Gina, thanks but I cannot take credit for the decorations...I am never good with this type of detail...totally my daughter!
    I saw Grace that you are co-hosting a cookie party? Sounds fun. I love the old recipes, simple and good.

  4. Beautiful looking cookies Donna. That's a really different recipe and sounds more like a sugar cookie but I might just try it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week! Pamela

  5. Might be Pamela. I have never really understood the difference between a sugar cookie and shortbread. But, they sure are good!


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