Saturday, March 31, 2012

Collections in the Kitchen

 I love it when I am in a kitchen that feels as though it
could stand alone as a home.
You know that kitchen where you really feel you could quite simply...... live there?
Perhaps the addition of a daybed and the accessibility of a bathroom
would mean that you really don't need any more "home" than that.

It is one of those spaces that exude "warmth" and "comfort".....
maybe the only place 
you want to be for your morning coffee 
and your evening wine?
It  basically represents the epitome of home.

Last week I had supper in a kitchen that is just that.
I asked if I could share some aspects of this space
and fortuntely she said yes.....
so here you go.
A peek into a Montréal kitchen
but let me add in that I only had my iPhone camera which is extremely limited...
so, sorry about the quality of images.

Everywhere you look there are touches of blue and white pottery

cute little plates and interesting pieces of artwork....

Her collection of dishes is simply amazing....

 This piece, upper and lower were apparently found and saved from the garbage.
They then became the inspiration for the new kitchen cupboards below.

The new cupboards hold even more collections....

 Evey corner has little bowls and plates arranged just waiting to be used.

 at the back of the stove alone 
there are several little pottery pieces all coming from different parts of the world.
and around the corner just off the kitchen
is a wall with a history of the family that call this kitchen home.
 I wonder why new houses are not designing kitchens
this way... promoting them as the heart of the home?

À Bientôt


  1. Her cabinets are lovely and what a great collection of china.

    1. I would love some of that blue and white china but I have no place to show it off.

  2. I can feel the warmth through your photos.

  3. What a beautiful kitchen! I love the cabinets, the window doors, drawer pulls and all the beautiful china etc. I think it's quite stunning! Thanks for sharing your friend's kitchen with us. Pam

    1. Yes, me too Pamela. I love love the cabinets with the glass panes in the doors. Really lovely.

  4. I just came by for a second look and still think it is a warm and wonderful kitchen...but I hope she has kitchen "help" to keep all the beautiful and interesting 'things' clean. I'm very glad I don't have that job.

    1. Well Jill I think she did mention something about dusting. Certainly that is my least favourite sport so I tend to keep collections at a minimum. I totally agree with you and perhaps that is why I love seeing them in other people's kitchens. No dusting involved! ;)

  5. What a gorgeous, collected space. I love it. You are right, so homey.

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful warm Kitchen with us, your Iphone pictures work very well, and I too would feel perfectly at home in such a Home, it is absolutely my cup of tea, white and blue and a plethora of bowls, plates and cups....


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