Monday, March 12, 2012

Fairmont Hotels - I Have to tell you....

I love it when a bad situation transforms into a great situation.
When visiting Vancouver in February we spent a night at the lovely Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel.
And.... we dined at the well-known restaurant, Oru.
The hotel is outstanding. It has everything..... beautiful surroundings, gorgeous decor,
outstanding staff, well-appointed rooms.... oh yes, believe me
 this hotel is definitely 5 star all the way.

The only hiccup on that night was the restaurant.
On that particular evening.... there they were, trying out a new menu.
It happens, right?
And we were unfortunately the unlucky clients that did not get the better end of what was perhaps a test run....
so to speak.
but, here is the part that I want to shout from the rooftop.... I really do!

although our roof is a little too steep so maybe not really from our rooftop...

When they, the staff,
 the manager in fact
realized how poor our evening turned out they went over the top
to turn things around and make it all right...


Oh yes, we just got back from a weekend at another fantastic hotel in the Fairmont chain
and were treated like royalty...
.at least I imagine that is how royalty are treated?
and all because of one restaurant manager at the Oru who felt
it necessary to make us Queen and King for a night...
to make up for that 1 evening at their fine hotel when they were trying out their new menu!
Oh yes, we are thankful and yes we would go back to the Oru as soon as possible
you know what .... new menus happen... but caring staff don't always happen
certainly not
the way they do with Fairmont Hotels.

and no I am not getting any money to write this.....  just me talkin', letting you all know.
that's it..... really it is.
P.S. Thanks Darryl.

À Bientôt


  1. Now that's awesome! You've got to love a place that goes out of their way to make it up to you.

  2. You know it sometimes pays to complain about a poor meal or poor service. I'm glad they treated you 'royally'. Fairmont has a good name and standard to uphold - which they did. Was the skiing good? Pamela

    1. Skiing was icy but I am not complaining. The sun was shining and the scenery was heavenly!

  3. When a dinner goes wrong, it only bothers me if management doesn't seem to care about being substandard. Fix it and I'm happy. Fairmont was wise to make it up to you. If you like the service, you tell ten people. If you don't like it, you tell a hundred people! ~ Maureen

  4. It's good to hear a positive customer service story. I'm glad you had a good time.
    Hugs, Cindy


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