Monday, March 19, 2012

Wicker chair makeover

I have been absent lately, family coming to town....
means major housecleaning
and unfortunately I have missed visiting all your blogs

but here is a peak oh boy... a project I am up to.... 
and I plan to be on the train tomorrow visiting all of you.
in the meanwhile
I found this lovely antique chair for $25 on kijiji.
My daughter is planning on being in an apartment in the fall so
we are slowly gathering pieces that can be part of that space for her....

 the plan is to paint it black and re-upholster the back and the cushion with some lovely material
that will make this piece come back to life.
The wicker is in excellent condition and will look fabulous after a paint job
and the material is dated
but that too is an easy fix.
 I have never seen a wicker chair like this but it has the original springs in the seat which are surprisingly in great condition too!
The woman said that it was her grandmother's reading chair.
so, the after shots will follow....
hope you are all enjoying lovely weather as we are.....

Surprising how the beautiful sun has allowed us to sit on the deck
and look at this.....  it is melting though.....

À Bientôt


  1. Sweet chair! You still have snow? It's summer in Ontario. ~ Maureen

  2. Great buy, and I love the idea of painting it black it suits it...Looking forward for the result..

  3. That's a beautiful chair. It will look amazing when you have refinished it. Is your snow really that deep or is your lawn built up?? Our snow is melting so fast and may be all gone by the end of the week. Summer temperatures the next 3 days! I love it. Enjoy.

    1. I wish our yard was built up or that somehow that was an illusion but no that is it. We had so much more snow than last year. Our snowblower was used a lot compared to last year.

  4. Great chair. Can't wait to see it refinished. Have fun with the family.

  5. oooohhh... should be fun, can't wait to see the after :)

  6. What a neat project and how lucky your daughter will have a 'new' antique wicker chair.


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