Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Québec Style

A little Québec style for you....
How so? 
well...  let's see.

wood beams...
stone walls
and old pine floors
all part of the look.
Remember many of
these homes are amongst the oldest in North America...
this one dates back to the 1700's

Mais non...
the ceilings are not high....
because the Norman houses
are some of the oldest houses in Quebec
with their sloping rooftops
which are all part of the look.

Stone, Iron, pine..... all part of the design...

look-y here....
this lovely kitchen belongs to a friend who pulled off the dry wall to expose the
stone walls right within his kitchen....

Simple yet beautiful.
Québec style.

All images are from House and Home magazine or Maison & Demeure Magazine.

À Bientôt


  1. I've never experienced Quebec style, but it is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I love the stone inside and out.

  3. I love, love, love all that exposed stone. What I wouldn't give to have a wall of that in my kitchen. It really is old Quebecois style.

  4. Well, I think I really like Quebec style!!! These images are so pretty. The kitchen with the stone walls are simply stunning! I want to see more of this style because I think we need to import it to Alabama!!!

  5. I love the Quebec style..natural and un-pretentious..it's all about having good bones.

  6. Love everything about this Quebec style, especially that tiny library! This reminds me of all I like about rustic, country living. Makes me want to rip out all my floors and replace with random width, old, recycled wood.

    1. Jill, I have a feeling that your home is pretty special! I bet you have a lovely library area already, am I right?

    2. I have a little library that I love...a converted bedroom! This is a two-story house and there was one bedroom on the first floor that I turned into my sanctuary. My husband took down the closet sliding doors and the hanging pole and installed an extra shelf over the standard one so I have two shelves for books and my computer 'station' in the closet area. Works perfectly. The other three walls are filled with books, some even double shelved. I seem to be constitutionally unable to part with a book! I have a lady's recliner in here and every afternoon I can be found relaxed with a book or my Kindle and a glass of sherry.

    3. Oh, how civilized is that! It all sounds lovely Jill and somehow I am not surprised by your bedroom turned library. You sound like you have a great set-up. The addition of a glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream...perhaps?... makes it perfect.
      Thank you for sharing that Jill.


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