Friday, June 22, 2012

Shutter Style

 I love the feeling that comes from the addition of shutters
both indoors and out....
Years ago we took off the shutters from our home when we re-stained the house
and I am now thinking that I want them back....
but in a different form.

I like functional shutters that work,
do the job...
can actually close and cover the window if necessary....
Not that I will ever use them that way but....
well, I just like the look?

The shutters below are gorgeous, a mix which is less appealing to me but I love the overall look just the same.

They work in so many rooms in the house.. including the bathroom.

they even help ground a more contemporary space..

in my childhood home we had shutters stacked two-high like this below and I loved it....

Source: via Su on Pinterest

I am especially attracted to these above in a space with large floor to ceiling windows.
and what a great feeling they give in this bathroom below...
vintage shutters with hints of blue paint.

AND outdoors, they provide a finishing touch that can really define a home....

they look easy to make but perhaps I should hunt for some antique shutters like those below??

I love these shutter doors...
and blue is just the perfect hit of colour.

I think I may have to get me some shutters....
Do you have shutters anywhere in your home?

À Bientôt


  1. I do actually have shutters on 2 of my kitchen windows, in the breakfast nook. They aren't nearly as pretty as the ones shown here, but I do love them.

  2. I've never understood why folks are always so quick to get rid of the shutters -- they are so cool and such a great architectural feature inside and out. Glad you are planning on installing some. And I agree that the blue is so pretty!

  3. I'd love to have shutters but there isn't room for full size ones and skinny, decorative ones don't appeal to me. Sigh. ~ Maureen

  4. I love shutters on a house. They just seem to add a little character, especially if they are as beautiful and colourful as your photos, and also dress up windows and doors. We used to have wooden shutters on our house until we put on vinyl siding. We've never replaced them and it's been almost 20 years! Every year we talk about it and every year passes. I guess colour would be a decision and the front door needs painting....and so it goes. Pamela

  5. Thanks for all the inspirational pictures on shutters.
    We have them on the outside.
    Have a great week Donna.

  6. I'd be a shutter person too if I could. My house doesn't lend itself to such wonderful additions as shutters. Of course, out here in the Mojave Desert they would hardly be useful to keep the blowing dust out. Shutters need to be on homes subjected to windy, wet weather in the East.


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