Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fireplace Update - Almost There!!

Okay, so we are back in the renovation mess....
Why do I do this to us!!?
Well, it is going to be quick and dirty....yes, the vacuum is out constantly right now along with the mop
things have moved along nicely so here is a quick update.

How would you like to be him.
I was not on my knees taking this photo so trust me....he was high up!
Apparently the plan is to hold on to the scaffolding for painting purposes....but
I am not sure who will be up there painting?

 So, he was up there installing this long chimney which is very thick and quite large.
I had asked in advance for them to raise it so that visually it could be enjoyed from several parts of the main floor. I am really happen with that decision. And of course last night we had to try it out so we pulled around the sofa and ate dinner in front of the fire.

Of course, this is a little piece of reality....dust everywhere... even with all the floor covering we put down...
Next step...dry wall etc. and a plan to determine how we can work within all the codes for mantel placement etc.

That will be a big challenge.
Big plans for the weekend!!
À Bientôt


  1. Exciting stuff!!!
    There's nothing like a fire in the winter - absolutely nothing ( I light mine constantly just because of how it looks lol )

  2. This is going to be amazing! I don't envy you all the dust, but it'll all be worth it in the end!

  3. It's looking good so far! That's cute that you already had a fire going and enjoyed your supper in front of it. And you have all winter to enjoy it too! Have a great weekend working and planning.

  4. I turn my back to paint some cabinets and you install a giant chimney! This is going to be fabulous and I'm wild with envy! When I come to Suzy Q's to take her course I may have to pop out to your place and see this for myself! How's that for pushy? ~ Maureen


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