Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Minimalist Fireplace

minimalist fireplace/white fireplaces

Punctuation error....there should be a question mark ? .....at the end of the title.
And, I know, you are SICK of hearing me talk about this fireplace.

But this fireplace is yet to be finished.
It is tall and white...
and well that is about it.

Once the weather warms up we will paint the entire room
as it is long overdue and at that point we will use that same colour on the walls of the fireplace.

This house is filled with wood ceilings, wood floors and in some areas.....wood walls.
It is not very large
and in the fireplace end of the living room we have a rise in the ceiling of about 20+ feet.

The living room, as tiny as it is, has two ends
serving two purposes.
And quite frankly I am completed STYMIED on this end.

I have looked at this beast from every angle possible....
The plan is to have the wood stack up to the right side of the fireplace.

I have had to continuously pull the couch more and more towards the other end of the room
since when men and boys stack wood they seem to always hit the lamp on the right!!

Carrying wood from the basement to the livingroom becomes a bit of grunt work and apparently when you have an armload of wood you are not able to manoeuver your way around tables and lamps and all that stuff...

Okay, momentary rant here....do women simply choose their path with care....
and men walk straight ahead and wipe out whatever is in the way? HUH?

Anyway I let the boys load this up as they seem to enjoy the grunting etc. that is key to this activity.

Anyway, I am back to thinking that I should really leave it all white but create a very rustic chunky wood mantel.

Oh and I need to design that right side into a woodbox of sorts.....line it with wood? then paint it out....

What would you do?


  1. I would move the tables with the lamps to the other end of sofas if possible. Also, I would only put a shelf if it was painted white. A pine or other wood shelf is going to look like a big division on that fireplace, cutting it in half and the bottom with look teeny and the top really tall. Here is an example of what I mean. The firplace is in the big living room/great room and she shows it with Kathryn Irelands style and then Reece Witherspoon. One has firewood piled. The middle band on the fireplace is white. Long post to read but explains it well.

  2. I like the idea of a chunky, wood mantel. Especially if you can find an old barn beam. Hang a quilt above and it's cozy as can be. Yes, men do bash into anything that is in their way. The more breakable the object, the more the bump into it. The good part is, they do carry the wood and I'd like to have someone carry mine in for me!

  3. Wow. That's tough. I like it the way it is, though the photo only shows it really it is slightly different color.

    I like your idea of stacking wood. That can look very artistic and minimalist.

    I looked on Pinterest to see if I could find something.

    http://pinterest.com/pin/208432288975984498/ I don't like the yellow, and I think it should be taller, but it's interesting and would be easy to imitate in a favorite color.

    http://pinterest.com/pin/136233957449532220/ I don't think the minimalist sharp lines go with this fireplace, but the thought of making something minimalist from nature rather than rods is interesting.

    I saw some completely covered with stones, but I don't personally care for that look and besides it is expensive.

    I've got a the color of the kitchen door to decide. I've been going back and forth on the color for days. White seems the easy way because the door takes so much of the wall yet, it is the first thing
    one sees.

    1. Thanks for that!! I had not seen either of those on Pinterest. I am thinking now that my lamps are just not going to work, even though I love them. I may need to just use a floor lamp on the one end. The stacking wood is a bit about the practical as well as the overall look.
      I would paint the door white and live with it for now. That is what I usually do but I feel like I have tired of living with this issue.

  4. I would let it white for now (you can always paint later if you're sick of white) and go with a wood mantel, because again you can paint it the colour you want later if you change your mind!

    1. Thanks Magali, I am going to find the wood mantel and start from there. I guess I need more patience. ;)

  5. You know what....I like the minimalist look quite frankly....especially in your room with the tall ceilings. As far as the wood box? Hmmmmmm......I don't have a clue, but I'd look on Pinterest for some inspiration!

    And I LOVE white!

  6. Donna, I had thought a rustic wood beam would be nice there but I think Razmataz is right about it cutting the fireplace in half. However, a large beam painted to match the walls (if they're going to be white) with big curved supports under it would give the bulk you need but not cut the wall in half with colour. A large tall mirror, some bare branches in a large vase, big lantern(s) in a neutral shade would add a focal point and draw the eye upward. I love your lamps but the one on the right is a bit tall and chunky. I like those silver metal floor lamps with the long arm (Ikea I think) and can picture one on the right side which means you'd have to change the one on the left. I never though about building a wood liner (painted white) to fit in the spot on the right for the wood but it would protect the plaster wall for sure. :) You are right about men. They take the most direct route and look out for anything in their way. LOL

  7. I went over to Joni's blog and looked at the photos of that tall white fireplace and I am wondering if a big wood shelf would make the bottom half look funny. If it were me, I would use a photo program and draw a big wooden mantel in there and see what you think. It's your house, you will love it or hate it when you see it, I'm sure.
    Also, the wood box, I don't know how you keep the wood from destroying the white wall, a sturdy something needs to be there, I think.
    Not sure if I helped, maybe someone else suggested this already, anyway for what it's worth. I hear your frustration and feel for you!
    And no, not all males are the same, my husband is Mr Careful himself, I'm more the elephant in a china closet. :)
    Have a good week.

  8. Re. the wood box...is it possible to put the majority of the wood on the outside porch? Then you could just use a 'portable' wood box/basket.


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