Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dormitory Living

Emily's Dorm Room MTake-Over

It is the start up of second semester at the local university
and my niece is moving into residence for the first time.

We were excited to get the key to her room
and have a look at her new space.....

She knew it would require some work as did we all.
that is where the fun really does begin.

Standard Issue Cot

First sitting...we all agreed.... 

Hard as a rock.....
But, nothing that  memory foam cannot take care of.

 And why yes, institutional green is the colour of the day in this room....

 At least she has a dresser....
well, that is what we both said....
positive thinking goes along way....right??

and a prison cell light....

and her own private sink and mirror....

And, yes, this is not every girls dream for a closet......
but there is a shelf and some sort of curtain affair that resembles a shower curtain
but we are strong,
we are able
and we will be mtaking over this room...

and for the curious, here is a sneak peek of the take-over.
Lots more to follow in our next post on
Emily's Dorm Room M Take-Over....

À Bientôt


  1. Oh what fun! And will the school allow you to re-paint the institutional green? I will be eager to see results as you go along. She is a lucky girl!

  2. Yeah they can be dire, can't they. Lucky her to have an aunt who wants to help.

  3. Oh yes, I remember dorm room days. Not nice. But, I can see a nice takeover here with the help of a wonderful aunt. ;) I can't wait to see what you did. Pam

  4. You just reminded me of my shock when I first saw the expensive dorm room I was going to be paying for when my daughter went to university. I believe prisoners have better digs!

  5. You are so sweet to help Emily, and I think her dorm room is cozy! :D

  6. My daughter is in residence too this year. They are not allowed to nail anything up or change anything. These rooms are definitely a challenge to decorate!

    1. Oh, that is the biggest challenge. I discovered 3M velcro which has made the day.


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