Monday, January 7, 2013

First Up for 2013

Write it down....

You know how people will tell you to write it down...
somehow that is an organizing strategy that seems to work for people out there.

SO... I am giving it a try.
Officially written down today is the first project that needs to be completed in 2013.
Maybe this will help cure the procrastination ailment that I seem to suffer from?
Just maybe?

So, as we gather
around the unfinished fireplace...
I am officially writing down what needs to get done.
We need to put in ceramics on the floor in front of the fireplace and deal with the wood storage scenario.
Then the room will need to be painted as the white fireplace has only been primed with white paint.
Of course that means the whole room will need to be painted
and I really do not like painting!

That space to the right of the fireplace will house the firewood.
That means some sort of design to keep the wood chips that will no doubt gather on the floor.
We want to let the wood stack up fairly high so that we are not always running to the drying room in the basement.

Okay so I have written down...
and some sort of wood storage box-y affair...

Hmmm....not sure that this is working for me yet...
You know when you get something 80% finished and it really feels good
you know you have that last 20% left...
and that darn couch is soooo inviting.

Do you suffer from this dilemma....
have you made a list already for 2013?

À Bientôt


  1. First, I love your new header photos! Beautiful. Second, I always make lists as I do not trust my memory. I've always made them, all my life. Not a good thing. I should be practicing using what memory I do have shouldn't I. I haven't written down my list for things to do around the house this year. It just might scare me. And the Mr. might be scared out of his wits. It's a big list. An expensive one too. For your firewood - a 4 inch lip on the floor to hold the dirt in then stack the pieces ends out. It would look nice. Are you going to paint white again?

  2. I find a list always works for me! I always have a list going, it's become like a sickness! lol

  3. I've decided to make a list of monthly goals each month. I'm hoping it will motivate me! If I lived near you, I'd help you paint. I think painting is a great stress reliever. When I tell a friend that I'm painting a room, they look at me with horror and ask, "What's going on?" because I usually paint rooms when I'm stressed out about something!

    Your header looks so pretty!!! :D LOVE it!

  4. I love your new header too!

    I like to get things done, a little too much sometimes. My husband is more likely to get something almost done and let it sit for a month or two. But I really can't complain, because he really does a lot.

  5. 2013 already? I live by my lists as well Donna and just like Pamela it helps with my sieve like memory. What a lovely header by the way :)

  6. I'm a list person also! I love this room and can't think of a thing I'd change; not even the plain fireplace.


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