Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dining Room Envy

As I search for ideas on Pinterest ....
I get more and more inspired to finish the plans for our dining room update.

It is clear to me that I love the fresh and light feeling of these rooms
and certain elements would easily transfer to our dining room or
are already there.

Definitely the nice creamy white chairs, whether it be slip-covered or not
are part of the design....
And I really have to consider some extra storage for plates and glasses.

Our sisal rug is going to stay even though it is not my favourite....
I do like how it is easy to slide a chair over it versus the difficulty we had
with  a heavier wool rug.

All of these rooms have lovely chandeliers of varying styles but generally
they present a certain elegance in the space...

I do like the idea of less is more in the dining room but that is often easier to achieve when
you have a larger room....
And...we don't....

Hmmm....bare hardwood floors.....maybe?
One thing for sure is I have come up with a design on one wall which will incorporate something
such as this below....

 I have always loved the idea of a plate rack and I think this would be perfect above a long dresser that I know is out there somewhere  
just waiting to become a buffet....

So, is dust an issue....I mean...really?


  1. ch-ch-ch-changes!
    No dust is not an issue ( or rather yes it is - but who cares? )
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. My sister uses a plate rack and isn't worried about dust. She loves hers. Since I can't stop myself from buying dishes, I'm always looking for more storage in my small dining room. Oh to have the space those rooms have!

  3. The pictures are a wonderful inspiration. I love how your painting dining-room chairs turned out.

  4. I love the selection! I can envision how one could translate them to your space.

    The dishes on the shelves in my kitchen get a little dust, but I only put enough out for four, so they are getting used everyday and the cups and glasses are set upside down.

    I am also trying to incorporate a plate rack, just outside the kitchen on the plank wall that is on the dining room side, but I was going to put everyday plates. I have not figured it out yet, because I have to build it. My first idea is trying to adapt an IKEA one which involves cutting to make it fit. Theirs is small.

    My good china is on the lower shelves of my bookcases in the living room. They get dusty, but it is the desert, so really dusty. But you know I had them tucked away when I had large home and rarely had a chance to enjoy them. Now I see them everyday and it makes me happy. So what's a little dust?

  5. I love the idea of a plate rack above a long buffet, I know your dining room is going to be really nice. I look forward to seeing what you create. All of my plates and cups that are out on my small buffet get dusty constantly. I don't use them, though, so I dust them occasionally, that's all. I should probably dust them more often!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. LOVE these dining rooms, especially that first one. I'm seeing a pattern in your inspirations, so I think you should use those common elements for sure!

    I have a small plate rack in our dining room, and yes, dust is an issue, *but* you get a more open space in exchange for said dust. In your case, it would be worthwhile because you have a small dining room like ours. Buy the plate rack!



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