Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar's Kids

                                      Source: via An Anglo in Québec on Pinterest

Okay, so I really want to know
what you think....
Kids and Oscar
Do child actors really deserve an Oscar?

It seems some people don't think so...
I was curious to see the various children over the years that have won Oscar....

Actually, Tatum O'Neal is the youngest ever winner...
winning best supporting actress in 1973 
for her role in Paper Moon.

                               Source: via An Anglo in Québec on Pinterest

and Marlee Maitlin was the youngest ever to win an Oscar for Best Actress
for her role in Children of a Lesser God....

They are cute, no doubt about it...
It seems some people found the arm-flexing Quvenzhané Wallis a bit much?
Others felt she stole the show....

How about you?

I am not an Oscar follower most years.... thing is I have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD before watching since we do not have access to English movies
but watching last night got me asking myself a few questions
about this whole award process.

Jessica Tandy won an Oscar at 81 and is still the oldest winner...
winning best actress for her role in Driving Miss Daisy.  

Are their really dues to pay in this process?
What do you think?  


  1. IDK.....hmmm.....they do give out lifetime achievements at the Oscars.

    If it is strictly for a best performance from that year, I think it's okay to honor young performers. I just don't really understand the nominating process, though.

  2. There was also Anna Paquin in The Piano.

    It seems like for Tatum O'Neal, she peaked at that moment as far as acting. Or was it acting, knowing how turbulent her relationship with her father was in real life?

    I thought Quvenzhani was adorable. I haven't seen her movie though.

  3. I find that there appears to be a co-relation between the Academy voting and the US psyche in highlighting or portraying the needs of the nation such as heros, ideals or social interests.
    While a young actor may merit the award, there are times as is the case in hand for the young actress, when the Academy does not feel it appropriate or right for the time. Just as there are times when an older actor who has been forgotten appears to be rewarded for their body of work.
    While that may have appeared to be the case in Jessica Tandy's situation, imagine how much work was required from her in the role of Miss Daisy? Her role was so pivotal to the movie that I think she carried it brilliantly. How many roles like that exist for actresses after a certain age?
    The difficulty with the process is that there is no exact science.
    On another note....I LOVED the interview Jennifer Lawrence gave backstage. if you haven't seen it ...go online. It is very genuine and very refreshing.

    1. I did see an interview with Jennifer Lawrence and she indeed is a very refreshing and "authentic" person. Interesting perspective and certainly the inclusion of Michelle Obama in the proceedings would speak to that. As a Canadian I found that rather odd but I am sure my American friends would state otherwise. Well, at least I image they would. In our home we are always intrigued that Hollywood plays such a prominent role in American politics.
      It does appear that Hollywood has been forced to recognize its previous issues with ageism and for the most part have dealt with it....somewhat.

  4. For what it is worth, I am embarrassed by the way our political personages bow to Hollywood; reminds me of mindless teens screaming for their concert idols. That said, I also don't think very young, first-time actors qualify for Oscar recognition. I believe, in the case of Tatum O'Neal specifically, the Oscar 'voters' were just stunned that an actor so young and inexperienced could perform with the skill (talent) she did. And just jumped on her band-wagon because of the uniqueness of the movie; father and daughter combo. The Oscars do recognize life-time achievement and why they didn't in the case of Jessica Tandy, I'm not sure. However, she was superb in Driving Miss Daisy and that movie has held up well and is still enjoyable to watch.

  5. I am so behind on movies.. anyway, Tatum and Marlee didn't do so well in their personal lives. I hope Miss Wallis has an easier time of life. BUt the OScars, argh, so much nonsense these days!

  6. I really think they need a separate category for children. An adult performance cannot be compared to a child's; nor does a child possess the depth of an adult despite his or her brilliance. :)


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