Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cats Get Cranky Too

I have realized more and more the challenge that young Felix faces
on a daily basis.
It is not easy.

Every day he needs to find a perch...
basically somewhere that Jack ....
cannot go.

It ain't always pretty....
you know, once you are all comfortable.... a bit cranky...
in need of serious sleep
and you have this hairy beast to contend with.
Who just wants to play..... all the time!

In some ways, Jack is a distant relative of ....
Do you remember that cry of frustration....
yep, Jack has it.... half human, half animal???

I think Jack is missing Maisy.... 
and perhaps Felix is too?

Love sweet love.



  1. I bet Jack is looking for those little visiting dogs to play with too. He is so cute!! And poor Felix looks a little stern with his teeth showing. Fun times in your household. :)

  2. Your cats face is so funny in that picture! Lol!

  3. Come on let's play!! I can see that in Jacks eyes.......
    Come on you know you wanna!!!!
    No way Jack and Felix shows his teeth!!
    Cute!! I bet they chase after each other....

  4. What a face on Felix in the last photo!

  5. Thanks for the great 'out loud' laugh! It's so sweet to see your pets bonding in love and harmony. lol

  6. Oh my God. Can you hear me laughing through the computer screen? How the heck did you capture such great shots? Also, I'm a chewbacca fan. So I'm loving your dog!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  7. The pictures are great, I don't know how you got that picture of the cat! My two cats don't like each other and sometimes life is hard for one of them, when he tries to find a spot where the other isn't going to come and try to kill him!

  8. Your poor cat looks a bit crazy in the last photo! Cats are hilarious, I love them and dogs can be fun, too, but I am a cat person.
    I enjoyed your photos.
    Hugs, Cindy


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