Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gone to the Birds

I am not sure if those love birds are responsible for this purchase
but I just could not resist.

And, you should know that I am not much for knick-knacks....
but I love this fun little addition that I am adding to our deck.

Do you see it?

It is thankfully raining hard here today so I took this shot from indoors...
please excuse the quality.

There was something about the thought of this sitting on  my deck railing....
made me smile.

He is quite heavy and
did come with a few little screws which will allow me to settle him in one spot if I like...
given the possibility of a curious Jack or Felix.

As far as knick knacks go....
this one has found a definite home on my deck railing.

Maybe you are a knick-knack person..... or not?

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  1. Love the photography. You mentioned earlier that you got a DSLR...may I ask what type and the lens. I find it difficult to keep a camera so close at hand....and admire people who do. My phone is pretty good but nothing like the pictures you have gotten.

    1. Sure thing and if you want greater detail you can email me and I can get back to you through email.
      My camera is not the high end of the Canon DSLR cameras but rather the lower end, Rebel T3. I got a great deal on it at Christmas through Future Shop and it came with two lenses, the basic 18-55mm lense as well as a 75-300mm lense.
      I absolutely love this camera. They told me that I may get tired of it if I really get into photography and I can see that perhaps eventually I may but for now I am learning a lot with this one and enjoying every minute.

  2. Oh, it's adorable. Is there something wrong with the weather lately? It's raining in Canada and snowing in France! Shouldn't it be the other way round?

  3. I love your new knick knack Donna! He's really cute. If I had a flat wide railing I'd have one too, or I could sit it on a bench on my deck. Your rain is coming here tomorrow. :) It will melt the snow. :) :)

  4. that has to be the cutest outdoor ornament!!!
    where did you get it ( please say here in Montreal )

  5. From a mahusive Knick knack person, I'm loving your latest addition! I think he looks great there on your deck..

  6. So cute!!!

    My daughter loves birds and has learned so many species. We have a collection of them around the back yard, but they need to be staked they are all knocked or blown over. They look light weight compared to your little bird.

  7. I thought he was real at first! He sure is a cutie!

  8. Very cute, Donna. I thought he was real at first until I read your post.

  9. Definitely a knick knack person...especially this type. He blends beautifully with the landscape. Love those rain drops on him!

  10. That's not a knick knack. It's a pet. Love a little bird that will never fly away!

  11. How sweet! :D I am a Semi knick knack person!


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