Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Night Pizza

I love Friday night...
The work week is done and hey no stress in the kitchen because
it is Pizza night.

We pull out all possible pizza toppings from the fridge...
Often items we want to use up.
Could be some mushrooms, peppers, goat's cheese or in the case above some left over turkey bacon.
Yummy....that was a first!

We open up a nice bottle of red
and start building.

it seems that we never have all the pizza fixins' that the boys need.
Apparently, the guys have different taste in pizza which differs greatly from the pizza
that the girls in the house like to eat.

Yep, that is what they tell me.
Do you know the difference?
Do you know which one is the guy pizza and which one is the gal pizza?
Image 1 Pizza Ingredients:

Pesto sauce as the base
Chopped peppers
Goats cheese
Chopped Coriander
Turkey Bacon


  1. Looks delish Donna!!!
    What do the boys want - please don't tell me pineapple ( I hate pineapple on pizza lol )
    Have a good wknd!

  2. My guy likes lots of onions sliced and tomatoes.....
    Is this what your boys want??
    Looks yummy!!

  3. I love arugula on pizza - guys, not so much. Oh well they just pick it off and pile it on mine!!!

  4. It sounds as though we have similar tastes in pizza...I love arugula on my pizza. The one in the image actually has coriander on it.

  5. Neat photos! Looks so yummy! Well I like chevre and vegetables, and my daughter likes pineapple,but my spouse prefers regular pizza with meat.

  6. I think the one with pesto is for girls, isn't it? But I would taste both of them with you and your family. We also make pizza in the weekend, my husband is the cook and It's the best of the week, sometimes we also cook hamburgers and we add some pepper, some onion, some parsley and other ingredients to the meat and they are delicious. thanks for sharing this marvellous moment of your live. Special moments to join the family.


  7. They all look delicious but I always go for loaded for some reason. I love meat and cheese on pizza. :)

  8. I make you a fix pizza for me and I will bring the mole hill cake??? DEAL??? I could be in Canada in a couple of

    1. Perhaps I should invite everyone that commented here?? Can you make a mole hill cake for the whole gang? :)

  9. ohhh by the way I did mention you in one of my latest posts...just in case you missed it here is the link
    right under the SELF DOUBT

  10. now I'm hungry.


    Have a great weekend!


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