Wednesday, April 24, 2013

La Salle de Bain

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It is bathroom on the way.
We have lived several years now with a bathtub in the upstairs ... no shower
the only existing shower is located in the bathroom off the kitchen.

WHAT.... you say??

Well, come on, you know how it goes.... at one point....young kids meant bathtub....
but now we are well beyond the bathtub stage and the need for a shower has become very clear.

(sorry Emily who got caught leaving shower-bathroom with large bath towel around body as carpenter arrived .... this one is for you!!!!)

So, decisions, decisions......and yet more decisions.
I have 2 plans....
the less expensive one and.... the least expensive one!

So, let me bring you up to speed.
The least expensive version means the shower is within the tub
the less expensive version means a separate shower which means opening up the wall and building it within the adjoining bedroom.

Given the budget I am considering subway tiles
and leaning towards grey.

Design Sponge

But I could be swayed towards the white....
you know I am a real sucker for white subway tile.
 and the floor...oh let me tell you.
I am going with either the hexagonal small tile or the penny tile or .....
well, hang on....I haven't even gone ceramic shopping yet.
So much to consider, inspiration pics to gather and deals to be sought.

Have you renovated your bathroom....
I am always open to advice.
Yep, I am a good listener.....


  1. This is exciting! I love both floor tile examples.

    We did subway tile in our bathroom with a small glass accent tile. I like it, because it is classic, and it will hold its own for awhile. I like marble tile too, but it is a bit more.

    Some people like a house with a tub if they have small children, and it may effect resale. My neighbor has no shower and two small ones.

    But a big shower is preferable. If making a shower involves a new tub, can the tub fit through the door? If not it is a toss up: remove the wall in the bedroom or part of the bathroom's doorway wall.

    Our tub cannot fit through the doorway. It was cast iron so we refinished.

  2. This is my bathroom reformed. Perhaps can be useful for you. The materials were cheap because they were white and you can set details of colours with towels, decorative jars or pictures.

    Hugs from Spain


  3. This sounds like a fun project Donna. I like the idea of the small tile on the floor - very retro - and it would suit your cottage style home. We renovated our main bathroom several years ago. It was gutted and we put in all new fixtures with a 3 piece tub surround, and vanity. We did a ceramic floor with in-floor heating. That is the way to go I think. I love the heat on the feet!! Our bathroom is also our laundry room so there is no room for extras like a whirl pool tub or stand alone shower. Our tub/shower is the only one we have in the house too. It has worked for us and our family of 4 (when the kids were home). We have a powder room downstairs that I wish had room for a shower stall and it could be done I think but we don't need it at this point. Do you want to lose that bedroom space for the shower stall when a tub shower will do? It will be interesting to see the process and what you decide to do. Hugs, Pamela

  4. Oh I love that first bathroom!!! Have fun shopping! I have an awful time picking out tile...

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  6. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

  7. We have the same situation here: un upstairs bathroom with no shower. Our downstairs bathroom is not off the kitchen, but we do have to cross most of the house to get back to our rooms... And we have 4 (big) kids every other week at the house, so we are looking foward to renovate our bathroom too. As it wont be so soon, I will enjoy your journey! And, for sure, get lots of inspiration!

    Hugs from Lévis ;)

  8. Very nice bathrooms,Donna, I love tile on the walls and on the floor, too. I adore the style of bathrooms that you've shown. Hugs, Cindy


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