Friday, May 10, 2013

The Web Reality

I happened to see this image floating around the Web and next to it a discussion about where this home might be located and possibly who lives there.

It was a relatively isolated discussion,
given the size of the Web but interesting just the same.
I did not know any of the names of the people involved in the discussion ....
but I certainly knew the home....

I was there for Easter...
It is the family home of my husband.
When we were there the lawn had not yet sprouted these lovely blue flowers...
but the vine was starting to turn green.

and at that point it was the small clumps of snow drop flowers that were taking up residence in the front yard.

It is strange to think that we are not there right now but that I inadvertently have a chance to see what the lawn looks like this year through a complete stranger on the Web.... an admirer that apparently takes photos every year.

Has anything like this happened to you?
no big deal really, just wondering!
Oh and happy weekend. I have something to share with you on Sunday the project department


  1. Well the strangest things happen to you on the web I have to say Donna!
    First the Turquoise door - and now this?
    It's gorgeous though - just gorgeous!

  2. That is a gorgeous home. I thought that when I saw glimpses of the interior in your photos at Easter. The blue flowers are so pretty. I wonder if they are forget-me-nots? I don't search the web like that. I wonder what I'd find if I do. Maybe I'll try it. Something new on Sunday? Can't wait. Have a great Mother's Day.

  3. It's kind of nice that you bumped into people who admire a family home from afar. Did you join the discussion and let them know who owns it?

  4. That's so weird, but in a nice way. What a beautiful home, lucky you to have stayed there

  5. How strange and cool that you found those photos. It is a small world sometimes.

  6. What an weird coincidence! It has never happened to me, although yesterday as I was browsing the Internet for inspiration, I did tumble upon a picture of my own cottage someone had pinned and it was weird, as if I saw the house with new eyes.

  7. The world is smaller and smaller..... we are so many steps from each other. As for the blue flowers it is hard to tell but I am thinking that they are scillia, a little bulb that generally blooms early enough doesn't interfere with the grass plants and then dies out so that you can cut the lawn. The leaves resemble thin blades of grass and the bulbs once planted, multiply nicely.....

  8. Beautiful house in a lovely setting. What an unusual finding for you. Thanks for posting the photo and the background info; very interesting.

  9. That is seriously freaky! Just think of all the pieces that had to fall perfectly into place for you to come across this particular picture of this particular house! Love the blue flowers in the lawn and the snow drops :-)


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