Monday, May 6, 2013


 Okay, I know that I am no better than most of you when it comes to geography
and really....
I don't expect you to know my part of the world
SO let me help you out...
we left Québec city and we stopped in lovely Baie Saint Paul.
That was what Part Two was all about.

Part 2 is here....

Now if you decide to go to a map and check out the location of Baie Saint Paul then you will see where I am and
where "we" are heading. Remember we are heading away from Quebec city.
OH and we will be having dinner here....

and you will understand that even though it is 26.5 celsuis,
the small lakes are still partly frozen. 
but not the mighty Fleuve St. Laurent. (St. Lawrence River)

To get to where we are need to cross the Saguenay River...
and on the other side is our destination and a lovely dinner.
and some beautiful summer homes that are just getting opened up in anticipation of summer...
 Oh and guess what is for dinner...
yep, that time of the year!!
One of you already knows where I am. 


  1. I have no idea! Waiting for the answer


  2. Replies
    1. I think you have the Quebec fever Knatolee....perhaps your next adventure! :)

  3. Does it start with "T"? I know that is a place you have shared before so I'm guessing. I'm surprised the lakes are still frozen. Waiting for the next stop on your trip. Pam

  4. I guess you are back to Tadoussac ;) I am not sure about the dinner.. We had lots of oie flying over here the last days, and my beau-père said that there was lots of them all the way from "bas du fleuve" till here. Maybe?

    And I love Charlevoix. With this weather.. Fantastic. Enjoy our lovely spring!

  5. I've been trying to follow your trip on a map of Quebec. I'm guessing you're somewhere along the Saguenay River, maybe heading toward the lake there seem to be nearby. Anyway, I'm dying to know more and see more of it!


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