Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Cart Before the Horse and Why Not?

Now I understand the intention behind this idiom
and I have a tendency to operate in this manner
but perhaps... sometimes it is okay?

You know that I took a road trip recently
and of course I had our bathroom renovation on my mind the whole time.

We made our way over to Hamilton so that we could stroll along Ottawa street
where they have a large selection of second hand, antique, fabric, wallpaper .... you name it shops full of wonderful surprises.

I was able to pick up some items that will steer some of my design ideas for the bathroom.
My love of milk glass will certainly become the feature for the sink area.

I have always been a fan of blue and white so I am leaning in that direction as well.
I want pretty....that is for sure.

This soup tureen seems a natural choice to re-purpose for a flowering plant.
There is a lot of sunlight pouring into that space.
I am narrowing down my selection for tiling which I will share with you real soon.

I have been so distracted lately
building the cart...
but now I am truly feeling a little more grounded in my direction.

So, perhaps sometimes the cart can come before the horse?


  1. I love love the milk glass dishes Donna! That covered dish? Beautiful. It sounds like you are moving along with your ideas for the bathroom. And it sound like it will be beautiful. Have fun! Pam

  2. I think sometimes is ok, at least you have already something that you love. Don't you think so?


  3. I love milk glass and blue and white. I like the way you used the soup tureen.

  4. I believe the cart is what helps us go through the "horse phase"... And also, isn't it necessary to find your divine accessories to decide what tiles to choose? I'm so a "cart before horse" girl!

  5. Wow!! What a haul!! Love it all!! I usually collect what I want for a room before I start...

  6. Such pretty items! It's fun to pick out the little things for inspiration for our big projects. I used to have a huge collection of beautiful milk glass. It was something I had to let go of when we moved into smaller quarters. I only kept a few things like my cake pedestals and a few serving bowls. I think milk glass is so classic!

  7. I'm loving milk glass lately too - how beautiful for the vanity - and that soup tureen is just beautiful!
    When you say Hamilton - do you mean Ontario?

  8. You are definitely speaking to me now! I love milk glass and especially the hobnail pattern. And, always gravitate toward blue and white. Love the soup tureen as a planter.

  9. Did you see your kitchen was featured here:

  10. Forgot to comment on the blue and white ink well with the silver top! I really love this piece. I have an antique clear glass ink well, but the top has gone missing and I keep looking for a replacement in every antique and 'used' shop I see.

  11. Ohh, I love the milk glass and the blue and white pieces!

  12. Sure, the cart can come before the horse! But of course!!! LOVE milk glass, and you can never go wrong with blue and of the prettiest color combos ever!


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