Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Right White

Well, it has been one of those weekends...
rain, rain and more rain.

We opened the doors, turned off most of the lights and watched the lightening and listened
to the thunder.
I love a good thunderstorm.

And the fact that I could not work on my garden gave me more time to consider
the right white.

Traditional Home

I am really liking the white seen above here on the walls and below...
on the trim.
It's White Dove

For the Love of a House
For the Love of a House
Oh and here on the trim.

OR....switch it up and use the White Dove as the trim and use Ashwood for the walls.

For The Love of a House

Or again here,
BM Eggshell on the walls and White Dove as trim.

I knew there were a lot of choices when it came to white.
I just didn't think it would be soooo hard.
But I might be slowly narrowing it down.


  1. oooh I love the Ashwood with the White Dove. What a pretty combo!

  2. We used Chantilly Lace in our kitchen and I love the white. It was recommended by Maria at Colour Me Happy. She has many posts on white kitchens as she loves them. Whites are hard work sorting them out so good luck.

  3. I missed saying that I too love the Ashwood with the White Dove.

  4. Ashwood and White Dove - hands down!!!
    Isn't it so weird that whites are the hardest to choose lol?

  5. I have white dove on my door to the is a beautiful white - very soft. I tried it for the trim in my bathroom but it was just too dark in there and didn't have the same effect....painted over it with Cloud White..... But I really like the combo that you showed. Something about white on white which really makes it look thoughtful and shows more or less a thought process. Like anything however, it depends on how you can break it to the best effect. Is it our age, a phase or the noise of society that is making more people who used to embrace colour, seek the simplicity and quiet of white? I sometimes wonder if it is because I have painted my walls so many different colours over the years, that I am surprised by the peace that white (in all its shades) brings to my home.

  6. I have seen White Dove a lot in blogs and also Cloud White which is what our ceilings are painted. The two shades of white are nice and would be warming in your space. I can see it painted with the Ashwood on the walls and White Dove on the woodwork. Nice choice. :)

  7. I am always over-whelmed with paint colors...When we purchased our house I had a Paint Consultant come help me....I now have some BOLD colors such as chocolate brown, ginger red and hazelnut green....LOL.....A few years later the paint trend is going back to white, isn't it???

  8. White Dove is a very popular white, I've seen several people use it. I have only matched whites in this house, but one day I would like to paint a room like the last three, they are really beautiful.
    We haven't had a thunderstorm roll through Winnipeg yet this year, I don't think. When I was visiting my daughter last June one rolled over us and hit right close to their house. It startled me badly and I almost screamed!
    We had rain for two days last week, but just rain and winds, no thunder and lightning. Thank God!

  9. Well I love these photos. That's for sure, and my favorites are the White Dove ones. I wish I would have been more careful about my whites, I have one shade that has yellow in it and I no longer like it next to the purer whites. I'm so excited to catch up on your blog and find out about your projects.
    Leslie (aka gwen moss)

  10. Not wanting to confuse you anymore than you are already about whites... I chose All White by Farrow and Ball for my dining-room ceiling... Now I need something for the walls...


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