Thursday, August 8, 2013

Squeezing it in....

It is not over...right?
I mean, summer is not officially over until Labour Day weekend.

And well..... not being one for rules, I usually drag it out as long as the weather cooperates.
But the problem is,
I am already getting a sense of a shorter day with cooler evenings
which is motivating me to consider everything that
I just have to do before summer ends! 
So here goes...

I love a good campfire and I have not sat around a real one this summer, not at all.

I have sat around the little propane fire pit on the front deck but it just doesn't count.
So, a camping trip has to happen soon.

Of course that will lead to those little camping delicacies.
No doubt about it.

Usually I have done a weekend biking trip by now.
I have got to squeeze that in somewhere.
Perhaps a weekend trip over to L'ile aux Coudres?

Couple Time.
It seems that this has been a summer apart.
While he went off to Labrador to paddle the Churchill River with our son,
I stayed back to visit and enjoy time with family and friends.

Time to escape...just the two of us.
So I have already booked us into a cute little cottage on the side of the St. Lawrence where the sunsets are phenomenal!!

How about you?
Have you got a list of activities you want to squeeze in before the end of summer?


  1. Have a wonderful weekend getaway! We go no where without the kids, they are too young. Don't forget the smores!

  2. Oh, I have a never ending list of things to squeeze before September 1st, which is the official day of the end of summer holidays in France!

  3. Good for you!!! Have fun!

    We just returned from Santa Fe.

  4. It is going too fast and we've spent the last two weeks away from home doing things we don't normally do like hiking and shopping at IKEA and playing with our grandkids. I dread the shorter days that will ensue when we return home and I'll start to feel like cocooning soon. I am looking forward to eating some fresh veggies from the garden or the market when we get home. And taking some sunset pictures on the water. I'm glad you are making plans to do the things you haven't done yet. Have fun!

  5. I feel it in the air too Donna- either it's stifling with humidity or actually cool................strange summer!
    I'm trying to squeeze in the sale of my home LOL

  6. It has rained almost every day here this summer and really puts a crimp in doing the usual things. I can't even get the gardens weeded! I want a little more sunny time to sit by the river and a few dry evenings for campfires would be fun, too!

  7. Summer ends for us a week from Monday when Shelley starts back to school! *sadface* Enjoy your trip! I know y'all will have fun.

  8. I'm afraid this summer is all about work for us. Of course my work is taking care of my grandkids, which is hardly work. We do whatever strikes their fancy, we have been to almost all of the tourist attractions in and around Winnipeg, only a few rainy day activities left and I really hope we end up having to do them on sunny days. Last week we had some cold days, the high yesterday was 17 deg. that is chilly for August.
    I hope you get to do all of the summer activities on your list. And have a delightful time away with your husband.
    Hugs, Cindy


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