Monday, November 25, 2013

Coloured Lights or White Lights

Does this happen in your home?
 Please tell me it does.
Our Christmas Pantry in  2012
Please tell me that
after you put up the Santa skirt in the pantry, (oops, it went up early ....I will admit)

pull out all the boxes of tree ornaments,
Christmas candle holders,
gilded gold angels,
moss-covered reindeer,
the family Santa collection,
find all the pieces to the crèche...

just when you are feeling proud of last year's organization skills
which have allowed you to retrieve all these decorations with relative low "fuss and muss"...
You turn around and...
a particular someone has gone straight for the lights.

Yes, the lights.
The coloured lights.
The ones that were in the box that you meant to "misplace" last year but just couldn't seem to do it.

He loves coloured lights.
They represent Christmas.
But, you figure that one of these years, it won't really matter to him.
He is getting older and not necessarily concerned about the finer details of Christmas decorating.

But no.
Not yet.
White lights are boring apparently.
White lights have little significance at this time of year.
Mom, you are not Martha Stewart.... and she doesn't live here.

So, another year of coloured lights.
Does it matter?
Not really but oh do I wonder how other people get away with white lights donning 
their Christmas tree.

So ... please... let me in on the secret.
How do you do it?

(indoor decorating starts on the weekend)


  1. It looks beautiful, and I love the way the kitchen looks in the burgundy.

    My tree came with white lights, but it's mixed. I have red, yellow, and green chili pepper light covers and luminarias on some lights, but not all.

  2. That's my dilema year after year, I always decide for coloured lights


  3. Well, everything looks beautiful. Even as a kid I insisted on white lights! So from about the age of 10 on up...we always has white. But now...I find myself longing for colored....especially the great big ones that were super hot to touch. We never had those. And now I see you can get those in an LED that look like the old ones...they look great mixed with the tiny white lights. So I think I'm going to do that outside this year. At least that is the plan.

  4. I have never tried white lights on the tree, though I use them elsewhere. To me it implies that the tree is "decorated" if you know what I mean and I try very hard to retain the homely aspect of the Christmas tree. However, I admire it on others' trees and I love it out of doors...I love the pictures above!!!

  5. I have always had white lights on the Christmas tree....and I love the gentle sparkle that they cast when I sit with only the tree lit..... but I share the dilemma outdoors. I had always had white lights there much to the consternation of my kids....About two years ago I finally conceded to pressure and went with multi-coloured lights. Well I tired of that after only one season.... but of all things those lights don't seem to burn out as quickly and I found that they were all useable this year. Even though I tried.... I can't justify replacing them. And to slowly reintroduce white doesn't seem to work with the coloured bulbs....I tried... it was a real mishmash..... SIGH!!!!

  6. I love the coloured lights too. White lights are everywhere these days and up all year round too, the coloured lights always make me smile ;)

  7. Oh, it so matters… colored lights around here, although I found some adorable Arabian colored Christmas lights @ An Angel at My Table.

    I just love the white fairy lights! But then my daughter just reminded me that one of our trees has green lights. LIME GREEN LIGHTS!!! :/

  8. One year, early on, I found the colored lights all in a twisted ball, totally untangleable! So, out they went and in came new white lights and they've been decorating our tree since. I was so delighted when trees came pre-lit.

  9. lol, you make me laugh......I love white lights...never had colored ones . BUT you are absolutely correct's small potatoes, let them have the colored ones....sooo cute!!!

  10. This really made me laugh. One year I bought some red lights for the outside of the house, but as soon as I put them up I knew I hated them, I only like white lights and only have white on my tree, so I couldn't work out why I went and bought red ones.
    They sat in a box for about 10 years and this year I finally gave them away. So, they're gone but luckily there's no-one around to disagree with me !!

  11. I use white lights, but in the children room I let them have the colored ones :)

  12. My cats don't mind white lights... But I can't have any ornament with bells or they think they are toys!!!

  13. We switched to white about 3 years ago and we both like them although I still love coloured lights too. They are old fashioned and make the room feel cosier while white ones on the tree are really bright, as in almost needing sunglasses bright. LOL When I had a small tree downstairs in the family room I had coloured lights on it but I got rid of all the coloured lights. Well, there might be one set in the closet. Do you like the coloured LED ones? We have them outside on the cedar tree. I'm not too crazy on them as they're dark and not true to the old type. I love the ones in your photo as there seems to be a mix of old large bulbs and new LED's. I also considered putting white and coloured on the tree together. Do you think he'll agree to that?? Have fun decorating.

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  15. I'm a white light girl and there is no one here to argue with me. My sister goes through the coloured light issue with her husband every year and, since he puts the lights up outside, he wins. I think you are lucky that he cares about the Christmas decorating!

  16. Your Santa skirt is lovely and so are the coloured lights. I am yearning for some and I dare not buy new lights, I have so many white light strings.


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