Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting There is Half the Fun... Right?

We have a golden rule in this house...
no Christmas before December 1st.
That means music, decorations, EVERYTHING that has to do with the holiday.

But, although I support the rule, I have always secretly been busy planning in advance
so that once December 1st shows up.....
I AM ready.

You know the planning for the plan for the actual event?
Oh, I am sure you do.
Half the fun....right?

The snow is falling outside right now and that means I need to seriously consider what I will be pruning from nature to bring indoors.

My focus this year will be centered around a variety of evergreen boughs and dogwood branches
but I really want to incorporate old christmas ornaments that I have collected from yard sales and flea markets over the years.


Last year I let the natural pretty well take over our home but I am thinking that this year I will do the opposite.

Our house has such a neutral palette for the majority of the year that I figure this is the best time to shake it up with colour.

And maybe not colour everywhere but certainly a lot of different shiny Christmas balls.
Oops....sounds like I am not totally committed.
But you will see. There will be hits of colour in every room.

House and Home Magazine

I also have plans to use some small trees such as this in our outdoor iron urns and cover them with 
white fairy lights.

House and Home magazine

 Probably the biggest addition of all will be a plan that I have for an outdoor decoration on one of our trees.

I know that many of you are still looking forward to your Thanksgiving celebration and the idea
of snow on the ground is a distant reality..... or perhaps not one at all.

But, have you started thinking about your Christmas decorations....even just a tiny bit?

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  1. I put the first hint of Christmas out yesterday. One, little, red, star shaped candle and the wheels started turning. It's snowing here and the chicken water will be frozen when I go to let the girls out, so it's time to get jolly!

  2. I love your source pictures...No Christmas at our house yet,,,,it is a bit to early. The fireplace won't be done in our home this year, still on the reno list. I love the ideas of the fresh boughs and branches....I am a pretty traditional Christmas girl, love plaids and wreaths, and lots of white lights. Guess we will see how my place turns out this year. Being in a different home I have to find the right place for things....should be fun!

  3. Just yesterday I rescued a piece of branch blowing about in the yard...it is almost perfect tree/umbrella shaped and I think I'll spray paint it, put it in a flower pot and hang tiny colorful balls. Don't know what it is, but it has many branches and no leaves. In fact, it looks a lot like the ornament hanger trees you can buy.

  4. I like your rule! Our Thanksgiving is late this year, and I like to decorate for Thanksgiving and when it's over decorate for Christmas!

    I'm all about planning! :D I love your idea about the trees, urns, and fairy lights.

  5. I begin the Xmas music much ahead of Dec 1st. Like you, I've been thinking and planning Xmas. But because Xmas seems to be over as at Dec 26th -- in that the music stops on the radio, the # of Xmas movies on TV all but disappear, etc. -- I want to extend Xmas as much as possible. So, I'll probably start with the music in the next week or so. And I'm Canadian, so Thanksgiving was over last month.

  6. that is a great rule to have....I am so not ready for Christmas when the leaves are still falling outside.....You changed your header, right? Looks great Donna

  7. Great rule if you can stick to it....I know I couldn't. I have slowly started to decorate. It will take me a good week and some to finish.
    Love that apple tree with the large lights from Sarah Richardson.

  8. The inspirations are lovely. I think I even pinned some of the same photos! Your planning sounds lovely.

    I was working on it today.

    My daughter doesn't like waiting until the day after Thanksgiving. It's so hot! And while we worked, she was singing tunes with new words that reference the temperature. She is so funny. Next week it is not suppose to be 90!!!

    We can't have a real tree, it will only last a day or two.

  9. OMG - this post has filled me with more anxiety than you can imagine!
    Snow??? ( we're moving next week )
    Christmas decorating? ( the whole house has to be renovated lol )
    I'm going to have to live vicariously through bloggers this year I'm afraid - but wow those are some gorgeous images - that first one melts my heart!

  10. I can not believe it's that time of the year! although I have been planning this years decorations in my head too loll.Your inspiration pics are so pretty. Thanks so much for visiting me.

  11. You have some wonderful ideas. I've started looking around and cleaning shelves to get ready. I can't wait!

  12. Hola, que tal? Me encanta tu blog, tienes unas cosas muy bonitas. Me quedo por aquí y me hago seguidora. Te invito a que visites el mío http://awesomeneedles.blogspot.com.es/ espero que te guste. Un saludo

  13. I'm proud to say the picture of the white kitchen all decked for Christmas was my first pin ever! I know I'm late to join the party, I was afraid it would take me too much time, but my computer crashed with all my inspiration pictures being lost, so I thought Pinterest might be safer!
    The only thing I've done for Christmas so far is looking for presents and finding an ornament for the exchange Vicky, a great blogger, organised!

  14. Hi, thank you very much for your visit an comment. You are welcome when you want. This christmas decoration was perfect, I love it. Kiss

  15. good catch Christine....as much as we make rules about the timing of holidays or seasonal inspirations.... they sneak into our lives such as an Anglo's seasonal header...... but that is what blogging seems to be about.... sharing lives, ideas and inspiration. I have thought christmas and find that it is easier now as my children are grown to make sure that I am prepared. That way whenever the occasion arises to host family and friends, I can.

    1. My new header was my first commitment to the upcoming holiday. I know it is harder for my southern blogging friends given that Thanksgiving is still on their minds but for us northerners...well, it is the next holiday up! I have a good feeling that you will be well-decorated and well-prepared! :)

    2. before I went on holiday, I chose my colour scheme and while on holidays we discussed menus for the various entertaining and discussed renos or updates needed..... yes I confess. LOL

  16. I'm totally with you, no Christmas decs till December, and with no Thanksgiving, it's pretty easy, but YES definitely been thinking about it a lot !
    I go traditional with lots of red, green and white and ornaments made of wood, metal and fabric, but if I'm ever lucky enough to own a bigger home I'd like a few different trees !! One like the first picture and maybe an all white one !

  17. I love the idea of natural branches being decorated!! I will have to do that for sure. As far as no Christmas music...I have to confess we have been listening to it for a few weeks, as my oldest daughter (she is 5) is practicing for her chorus Christmas recital. I am totally ok with that :)

  18. I am still in the planning stage, but I am listening to my Christmas tunes! I will start with the decorating next week. I can't wait!!!

  19. I'm all decked out already Donna. The tree will go up in another week. I don't think this weekend coming but you never know. I like these photos you shared today.

  20. We have kind of the same rule. Only I start the day after Thanksgiving. I have been thinking and planning for quite some time now. It's hard to make the mind wait. lol! I too love using natural elements. I make a trip to my fil's and give all of his pines a good trimming. I love vintage ornaments! Can't wait to see what you do and hope you will share it with our Creating Christmas party! I love that first picture. Shiny ornaments in a rustic bucket, LOVE! So happy to have you share with SYC.


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