Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Inspiration?

It is all about the green today, I know.
And it seems that every year I do think green around this time of year
Because it is usually around mid-March
that I become tired of the white stuff and inspired by the beauty of the St. Patrick's day colour, green.....and lots of it!!

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You may know that we have been slowly working on our back yard, which started here.
It was a difficult space to develop but bit by bit it is getting there.

This year we hope to take it to the next level by putting in a hard surface, like below,  for dining.
We have spent many years dining on our front deck which has been a great place for Alfredo dining.
Eating outdoors is one of our favourite ways of celebrating summer.
Last summer, a dear friend gave us some chairs similar to those above which I just need to paint.
I intend on having chairs on one side, bench on the other and something more substantial on the ends.

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I want the space to feel very much like a space where we can live....
I am on the lookout for an old table so that I can cover the top in metal and then create a spot where I
can place some larger pots on the table
as well as serving plates etc.... near the dining table so it is pratical as well.
It will be multi-purpose.
A privacy screen but useful.

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I also need to figure out the stairs that descend down our sloped portion towards the woods.
I have already placed some cement pavers down the side but I now need to put some grass in around them.
Uh... have I told you how much I dislike ....grass.
We have so many trees that it has become a very annoying plant to grow.
I may just go with pea gravel instead.
Matter of fact I am really going to consider pea gravel in several spots around our property.

House and Home magazine
I am actually thinking that it might be my cure-all.

Oh, I know that there are meters of snow out back and I have a long while to wait
I am in the dream and plan mode.
Sometimes I think that is the most fun since the possibilities are endless....
for now.
How about you? Are you planning any outdoor projects in March??


  1. Beautiful inspiration! I can't wait for the snow to be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Every March my yard looks like something out of Victoria magazine. At least the plans in my head do. I count myself lucky if I accomplish even one of the projects I planned the following summer. I do really like the look you are going for. Perfect blend of nature and artifice.

  3. I love your inspiration pictures! My garden is a mess and as long as I have major renovation to do, I don't really want to do anything about it or rather I don't have time... But in my head, it's the perfect cottage garden, full of white flowers and with several spots to have a cup of tea!

  4. I've got so much planned for my garden but finances won't allow it all to happen at the moment. I've got some bulbs that must go in soon, and then there will just be small changes.
    I have looked at your exterior renovations before, and seeing the lovely inspirational pictures I'm looking forward to seeing your plans materialise.

  5. Oh yes, I've been making some plans for our backyard for this summer too. I love looking ahead, in my mind, at least, and getting ideas for what we want to do with our deck. We are replacing it this summer and I would like to have a second deck area on the ground with one of those canvas pergolas on it. Eventually I'd like to have a wood pergola or a shelter of some kind. It's fun to dream and plan isn't it? I hope you get your yard area finished this year and share the progress with us. It will be interesting.

  6. Lovely inspirations! I'm not planning any outdoors projects until the end of March. We have some frost damage on our hawthorns, so we have to trim most of our shrubbery by the beginning of April. Not fun, but we need to tackle that before we plant anything fun.

    I want to find new cushions for our deck furniture. :D


  7. I started to work on a new veggie garden area. I took down the old one and made it twice as big. I am also getting the soil ready for planting in late April

  8. I love your inspirations, especially the one layed out like a courtyard. ♡

    I've actually pinned a lot of the same photos, but my yard will never look that green! But I need pea gravel for the back yard, so we can walk around easily and to keep the dust down, and I need some river rock so it doesn't get kicked into the grass patches. It's desert, so everyone puts rock even around a pool, if one is lucky enough to have one. I'm not sure when I will be able to do it, but hopefully this spring, because soon it will be too hot.

  9. Love those images :) Garden plans for march? Normally the answer would be a resounding YES. this year it is more of a whimper. Hands full at the moment with bedroom updates and now a potential hiccup with our Kitchen has snowballed into a bigger affair. Sheesh what is a girl to do lol? But I think this post might be the push I need to get my Wellies on and get back into our green space :)

  10. me too, me too, me too.....I am envisioning the very same for our little back keep working at yours and I will copy you ok? LOl

  11. If you don't like grass - why not go for a different type of plant -depending on your conditions - such as thyme, moss or even a creeping sedum? Personally I am also loving the pea gravel.... I think the sound of footsteps on the pea gravel around the concrete pavers...... has such an interesting sound....and it is likely JACK friendly.

  12. I'll consider myself very lucky if I have time to plant a daisy or two this summer LMHO - wow those images have to be pinned - like right now though!
    And your ideas sound great - we did pea gravel in one garden - it was really really pretty ( we did some pavers here and there between them all )
    Ok gotta pin now!

  13. These are gorgeous photos and I can't wait to see what you do with your backyard. You've got such great taste. Our friends have pea gravel in their outdoor kitchen area and I love it. I would use it in a minute. Also I'm so intrigued to see how you cover your table top with metal. I love that look. BTW--I hope things are going well, I'm happy to finally have the internet going again so I can stay in touch now.


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