Monday, October 6, 2014

Front Doors

Choosing an entry door has been a real challenge.
But, I am finally happy with our choice.
This set of doors is a pretty close match with what we have chosen.
Ours will be a bit wider.
I have a fairly limited choice of colours but I think I am going to go with black.
But, I think it will work well if I add black shutters to the front of the house and use black details in details such as the lanterns
that I will now need to find to go on either side of the new doors.

feels so good to move on after making this decision.
Are you like me?
Have a hard time committing to big purchases.... that you will have to live with for.....ever?

Here is a general idea of the existing colour of our home. The green is appearing a little darker than it actually is given the effect of shadows but it will give you a general idea. This is where I am planning the black working shutters.


  1. I love these doors! They look amazing and the black lanterns are beautiful. I'm trying to remember what your siding is - colour and material. If we ever get around to either replacing or painting our front door and sidelights I want to paint them black. And we need to buy shutters too, which will be black. We (hubby) seem to keep putting off these chores. ;(

  2. The doors are lovely. You were wise to take your time. The door is the only thing I changed in a hurry in my cottage and I'm a little disappointed with what I have.

  3. You made a good choice with back. :)

  4. We are need of a new door, but just like you I been holding off. I really love those black lanterns!

  5. Well, I know now that it's all done perfectly !


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